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The New Potential Is Here

Dear Consciously Awakened and Aware You,

Have you stopped resonating with most of the psychics, astrologers, and spiritual leaders who used to guide you?

Does it seem like no one is listening to your wisdom or receiving your gifts and Purpose?

Did you used to feel connected to an inner homing beacon, guiding you on your life path, only to discover that it has now gone silent?

You are not alone…

As a healing arts practitioner or lover of spiritual studies, you’ve always been aware of the realm of energy, of vibration, the world of spirit and about showing up differently in the world. This way of being in the world has always had its challenges, but the rewards have been so satisfying, you accepted those challenges.

But lately, something’s shifted. What worked before doesn’t seem to be working now. Your inner compass no longer points to your true North, it just spins. You feel lost, uncertain and powerless.

This feels like before you became spiritually awakened! But now, like the rags to riches to rags story, you know what it’s like to be enriched by your service, your vocation, your Purpose and you want back into that state of living, breathing, and expressing your gifts so that others become alive to theirs.

We’re not done yet with the Shift of Ages.

So here’s part of a secret that few know about: The big shift of 2012, which you as an Old Soul helped to bring to the planet…happened to the planet itself. And it wasn’t a change of consciousness (that’s still coming) but a change in its energetic nature. What happened exactly? The planet developed a new energy system in addition to its electromagnetic one.

From energy, arises consciousness.  It’s always been this way. The shift in consciousness will eventually come to the planet, but first the new energy system needs to be in place and working.

Connecting to this system and understanding how to work with it isn’t hard, but shifting your electromagnetic energetic self from its old way of intuiting, healing, or manifesting will take effort and the willingness to let go of the mastery that you once had. You’ll have to step into the beginner’s circle again.

Do you feel the resistance come up with that thought? You spent lifetimes to get to your Old Soul mastery. You were ready for your reward, a heavenly certificate of graduation and completion and now…you’re back in kindergarten again!!??

Somehow that doesn’t seem fair. Or just. Or even something you want to contemplate. The old dog within you just wants to box the new puppy on the ears and curl back up in front of the fire remembering the good old days.

Now is the time to develop your New Energy System.

But here’s the other part of the secret about the shift of ages and 2012: You’re here to help anchor what’s coming in now. The finish line wasn’t Dec 21, 2012…it was only the halfway point. You are here to help raise this new baby that you assisted in giving birth to.


If you’re willing to get back into action in the realm of 3D…

To reawaken your love of learning…

To energetically do things differently…

To reach new levels of success with your purpose like never before…

Join me on a life transforming adventure of exploration into the new energy system on the planet.

I promise you will find delight, joy, reconnection to your Purpose and spectacular results.

Let me repeat that…

Spectacular results…Beyond. Your. Wildest. Dreams.

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Whatever your doorway that you enter, here’s to your exciting, new beginning!

In love and light,

gia combs-ramirez

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