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Your Multidimensional Self

You are multidimensional, extending from the quantum space within your atomic structure through the physical, emotional and mental bodies and out into the Universe.

You are simultaneously one with everything AND a separate, unique facet of the Divine Creator Source.  You experience these two states through personal/spiritual free will and surrender.

You are energy first, then physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. Your every day random thoughts and feelings arise from your energetic self. By the time you have the thought, it has already occurred within the rest of your multidimensional self. Therefore, random thoughts are markers of what’s past.

Your energetic, multidimensional self exists simultaneously in past, present and future.

Your energetic self grows in awareness and intelligence just like your mind and emotions.

Awakening is when the energetic self becomes self-aware and self-determining, instead of running on automatic pilot.

When your physical body becomes awakened and joins with the awakened energetic self, it creates the enlightened physical body, capable of amazing feats out beyond Earth’s restrictions of gravity and magnetics.

When your emotional body becomes awakened and joins with the awakened energetic self, it creates the enlightened emotional body, a state of bliss and joy, vibrating constantly in love.

When your mental body becomes awakened and joins with the awakened energetic self, it creates enlightenment, a state of freedom from the normal illusions created by the human biological being about the nature of reality.

When your spiritual body becomes awakened and joins with the awakened energetic self, it creates fully activated spiritual free will and choice, the highest state of achievement for the soul on planet Earth. This level is only achieved after the physical, emotional and mental levels have been achieved.

Once the majority of humanity has achieved the four states above, it will evolve to a new form of expression. One that is crystalline based, instead of carbon based. We’re currently exploring what that means with our technology.

Evolution isn’t a straight line forward. Consciousness explores different possibilities or forms in order to see which can evolve in the direction that is needed. Hence certain species get wiped out when they no longer are evolving in the direction that is appropriate for the evolution of the whole (which consists of the Earth, our solar system, galaxy, Universe and probably metaverses).

By taking this aspect of evolution into our technology, humans are better able to ensure that they don’t get “auf’d” (as Heidi says in Project Runway), i.e. “dinosaured.” Or “dodo birded.”

A perfect example of this phenomenon could be presented like this: There are two types of evolution potentials for humans on the planet at this time as represented by PC computers and Mac computers. Which do you perceive is the direction that humanity will evolve toward? (Hint: Don’t perceive from your personal standpoint about PC or Mac, perceive from an eagle’s view.)

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  • I am curious to what you said about evolution from our expression as carbon based to crystalline based.

    I am researching about patient\therapist interaction in osteopathic treatments. Basically how and what we are doing what we are doing with our healing energy. The water body and energy body that I feel cause me to re-examine everything I have been taught about what the body is all about and my relationship with my patients in their treatments.

    Any leads or ideas on this?

  • Hi Jennie,
    Thanks for your comment. My vision of this energetic change from carbon based to crystalline base is Superman taking a lump of coal and squeezing it until it turns into a diamond!

    You ask a provoking question about the relationship with your patients in their treatments. I would love to discuss it more with you, but need a little more information. How would you describe the old model that you are moving away from versus the new one you are moving into?


  • It is known that during sleep, a persons astral body moves to astral realm and have experiences in astral realm.

    During awake state in third dimension, when a person becomes emotional, does the astral body literally moves out of the physical body and have experience in astral dimension.