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Whew, I Made It Through January…Did You?

This past month was extremely challenging and intense! The year started out with a full moon on New Year’s Eve/Day and mercury retrograde. There was the joy of the movie Avatar and the unbearable tragedy of Haiti (which was already a tragedy). The Journey Work which I have been a part of creating for the past 5 years, suddenly transformed into the Gaia Work. Yellowstone Park, a critical energy portal on the planet has been shifting and changing as well. Since January 17th it has had over 1,000 small earthquakes. I am one of the people helping to keep this area balanced during the Shift. It took a tremendous amount of psychic space to do this, and I went energetically off the radar while holding the space.

A few things fell by the wayside momentarily during the intensity of January. Posts to this blog. Some return phone calls to friends. Return emails. My radio show on The Shift Radio. I apologize! And thank you for waiting for me…

Tonight I start my radio show again. Tune in at 6pm MST. I’ll be talking about what I’ve learned from my 2010 Energy Readings and Alignment. I’ll also be talking about the new exciting Gaia Work I’m doing with Aleya Dao. As always there will be a CCT healing the last part of the call.

And for anyone who wants to hear me do energy readings you can catch me on another radio show today at 4 pm MST Kate and Joan’s show from BlogTalk Radio.

This month I’ll be developing webinar classes, a format I’m excited about for my Higher Sense Perception Mastery Class, and some of the of Crystalline Consciousness Technique classes. Aleya and I may also uset hat format for the Gaia Work so participants can see us and stunning pictures of Gaia as well.  I’m also converting my Empowered Reiki manual to an eBook as well as the Science of Energy Healing Mentoring Program. And Crystalline Consciousness Technique is moving into it’s first Mastery year. I can feel that energy and it’s big! I have been blown away with what I’ve been learning about the science of healing and the science of energy in the past 6 years with CCT. CCT is ready to move out into the world in a bigger way…

I can feel a lot of other wonderful information about the new energies waiting to come in as well…I hope you’ll continue your journey of self-discovery with me on my journey of self-discovery.

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  • Gia,

    Thanks for the post. I am glad I was not alone in January being a rough month. I feel like I am just now coming out of a stillpoint. Everything stopped it seemed. Still waiting for the flow to open up! Anyway, thanks for all you do. Loved the Gaia Work, BTW!