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When The Energy Does Match the Form | What Next?

In my last post, I talked about the energy matching the form, my code for our energetic selves matching our conscious awareness or vice versa. Usually this is enough to ensure a person begins to manifest, thrive and reach new levels of wellness. Except when there are extenuating circumstances.

We live in extenuating circumstances. There is so much going on in the energetic realms of mass consciousness, planetary transformation, sun spots, and particles streams from the universe that our normal state of energetic well-being isn’t enough anymore.

To put this in a different way, when your soul is still at the stage of learning lessons, you can experience life with a lot of adversity.

When your soul has reached a stage where it has primarily mastered those lessons, then it moves into soul purpose, a form of expression of great service on the planet. It’s when many things come together and grace becomes the primary quality of existence. Did you ever have a time when your hair style really worked, your weight was perfect and your wardrobe was spot on? That is a mundane example of the grace of mastery of soul purpose.

Many people have reached the level of soul purpose in their time here on the planet. But it seems that with all the fear, hysteria and distraction, you can’t get a word (or action) in edgewise. Or some have been in the mastery but now have stalled out.

That’s when something else is called for.

That something else is a geometric configuration. Nature (world of form) works with geometric shapes. One of its most stable shapes is the triangle. Ever wonder why so many people don’t get out of a triangulated relationship? It’s energetically very hard to break the bonds. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a geometric configuration of trauma made of sensory memories that are all locked together. Any one point on the geometric configuration that gets triggered, will trigger the whole trauma again.

Nature makes geometric configurations not only out of trauma but also wholeness. Once this is understood, it’s possible to create a geometric form that consists of positive intangibles such as your knowledge and wisdom, your positive attributes, expression of soul purpose and more. This can then be anchored into your energy field and begin to support your inner environment as well as interact with the outer environment in a new way.

This first occurred for me when I was working with a client that seemed stalled out in her efforts to manifest at the level that she was ready for. At the time, I could not see any obvious block that was coming between her and her work. Her energy DID match her form. Next I looked to see if there was an external factor that was influencing her. There wasn’t one….but many! Extremely chaotic, they did not show any discernible pattern that could be worked with.

When I hit a “not known” place in an energy reading, I know it’s time to ask a question, send it up to the universe and wait for the answer. It came in a couple of days. She needed a special geometric configuration that would allow her to be energetically seen and recognized for the contributions that she has to offer at this time. When finished, her energy field looked completely different.

This type of information is the cutting edge of energy science.

We’re at the beginning of an exciting time of discovery as the human energy system continues to evolve and adapt to planetary transformation.

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  • Interesting post I’m not sure I understand it however I am willing to learn and understand. Did you change her beliefs at the Energy Level?

    With Love for I Love You
    Ian Stone – Metaphysician & Founder of HEART Energy Healing System,
    Human Energy Assessment Release Treatments
    Metaphysical Institute
    Metaphysical Institute Blog
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  • Great question, Ian. What changed wasn’t so much her beliefs but the way her energy self communicated to others. Just like we tend to notice someone who’s fairly attractive and dressed nicely, we also notice people with a lot of light in their energy field. Crystalline light which is created with the geometric configuration especially does this.

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  • Nice Job!

  • Interesting. But, have you had any experience with those who have manifested inflamed symbols of triangles on their body, and there is no medical explanation?