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What the Wind Has to Say

tumblr_n8duz4nAIw1r3h6rqo1_500It’s been windy all month. If I lived in the valley, 12 miles from here, I would expect that. But here in my sheltered existence within the beautiful, canyon cliff walls, I’m not used to it. It’s been highly annoying and irritating to me. The chilly mornings are colder. Noon is hotter and drier. Our beautiful green grasses and wildflowers are drying up too quickly. At times I find myself hiding from the winds within my house. But there are creaks and squeaks and all manner of house sounds that make escape impossible. My sensitive ears want all those sounds to stop.

Frankly, weather has been weirder than usual these past two months in my corner of Montana. May was unseasonably cold. Then June came with greater warmth but also the winds. Blowing everyday—swirling, gusting, creating dust devils. The animals are uneasy with such winds. And so am I.

I’ve recently started a practice called Golden Spiral Listening. Focusing on the Golden Ratio and Spirals that my ears naturally hold, I can heighten my intuitive listening. Thinking about this new skill, I decided to quit resisting and surrender to the wind. I wondered what the wind wanted to communicate. What messages from around the world does the wind have to share? I pondered.

And so I sat outside in the sunlight and wind and began to listen…

Wind is, of course, the demonstration of the element of air. If it’s not blowing, we don’t really perceive it, even though we breathe this element 12-25 cycles per minute. Of all of our senses, the two which uniquely perceive the element of air are hearing and touch. Like faith is for discovering the unseen Divine, hearing the wind assures us of the existence of air. Listening to the wind, then, is an act of faith, as I shift from my strong visual and psychic sight to my listening and feeling senses.

The air element has a unique relationship to the element of earth and to the planet of Earth. Earthquakes are accompanied by high winds. Wind spreads pollination spores and then seeds to the element of earth to sprout new life.

The air element also has a unique relationship to water. They mirror each other with their swirls, eddies, spirals and sound. If you’ve ever watch wind in tall grass, it looks like moving water. At times listening to the wind, I can’t tell if I’m listening to the wind in the pines or the sounds of the rushing creeks that pass by this property. I recently read that the same molecule strings of smell move as equally through air, as they do through water.

Of course, air and fire also have a unique relationship. Fire needs air to grow and live just like all life does. The dance between air and fire is intense at times—blazing, out of control. Who is going to win in this fierce battle between air and fire? Without finding the balance, neither wins as the fire consumes the air and then has nothing to feed its spirit.

But right now, the wind is carrying a message to me to lighten up. Air does that…it aerates soil and water and makes a contained fire cheerful comfort. Wind invites me to experience this massive change we’re going through with a light, playful spirit. As soon as I receive that message and shift inside, it changes…

I hear this roaring in the tops of the trees. I am carried in my awareness to all those on Earth who want to be heard. There is a great power in the cries of the disenfranchised and oppressed. Earth has heard them and is sending her air element to let them know their cries for freedom will not go unanswered. I stand in witness to this “call and response” between Earth and her children.

The wind shifts my attention with a gentle breeze on my face. It feels like I’m being caressed and acknowledged for my presence on the planet. It also brings my awareness into my body so that I can pay attention to what it needs on a daily basis.

Receiving this message, the wind shifts again and shows me the fear in people’s hearts. Fear of this time of chaos and the great unknown that lies in front of us. The wind reminds me that we AREN’T in a time of unknown. We have lived through other times of great Earth Transformation before and carry the memory of the positive outcome in our spiritual DNA.

A friend of mine, who is a Feng Shui expert, recently quoted Winston Churchill to me: “We shape our buildings; therafter they shape us.” As souls incarnating in 3rd dimension, we’ve been shaping our precious Earth and biological life for a while. Now she is shaping us biologically and spiritually. The wind whispers yes to my musings of how that is unfolding.

And with that message I have found my resistance to the wind. My Higher Self/ Soul doesn’t want to be transformed by Earth. It just wants to come to Earth, deliver its Purpose and go home.

Not possible says the wind!

When I leave here at the end of this life, I must take the stories of Earth with me. The stories of Earth, plants, animals and the elements that are shaping us now. The story of transformation and creativity.

And so I receive these stories delivered by the wind. The struggles, pain and clashing of energies carried in the wind are just like the energy of birth. The beauty, love and miracles carried in the wind and then through my senses are also like the energy of birth. For birth holds both paradoxes….the struggle and the glory; the pain and the love; the grief of tragedy and the awe of miracles.

Thank you, wind, for these messages.

Thank you.

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