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What Just Happened?


SolaceWhat happened in the U.S. elections yesterday is mind blogging and heart shocking…especially to me. In my energy readings for the past year, I have seen the energy signature of Hillary Clinton taking the office in January. About 10 days ago, I saw this energy behind her at the podium like a ghost energy. It was white. It felt masculine. I muscle tested if it was Donald Trump (or Bill Clinton) and got a yes for Trump. I had no idea what that meant.

Reading energy about the future is tricky at any time…because energy is just a future potential and not a concrete form. It can change before it manifests into form. And change it seemed to do this time. We’re in the time of double chaos. Next year is triple chaos. To say “expect the unexpected” is a massive understatement.

Of course, as an energy reader/psychic I often question my interpretations. Did I read it wrong? Or did I interpret it wrong? Did I just project the outcome I wanted into the future and then read that?

Diving deep into my process, I looked at the first two questions. No, I didn’t read it wrong. Hillary’s energy was there as the next president.

The last question took some soul searching. In October I became personally invested in the outcome. I was deeply healing the wounded feminine within me. I recognized that I had lost some of my objectivity. There were changes in the energy that I couldn’t interpret such as DT’s energy going “blank” at the end of October. Or as I interpreted it…I couldn’t see his energy anywhere. I thought that meant Hillary was going to take a substantial lead.

Looking back I ask…what exactly did I see? It wasn’t blank but it was a white screen that I could not see past. Due to my innate conditioning about energy reading someone without their permission…if I get a stop sign, I don’t probe further. And that white-out screen was a stop sign. Perhaps it was just protection for me, that was still in healing mode. Quite frankly, I don’t know.

I do my energy reading without input from outside sources. It was only after my reading that I looked around to see what others were predicting. All of the polls predicted Clinton. Other psychics predicted Hillary. On the night of the election, Donald’s energy showed me that even he didn’t expect to win.

I decided to reread my 2017 Energy Reading (which I’m sharing with you with link below). These energy readings don’t get into specifics…they are just about the energy we have to work with. By working at the energetic level you can create a great deal of success, health and usually good relationships for yourself. In other words…live at your highest potential no matter what’s going on around you.

The important message throughout the reading of the upcoming triple chaos year (or triple creativity year) is that the world MUST shift into the New Energy Paradigm during 2017. This is an incoming energy that flows through our systems, groups, and individual energy. Like a river looking for a channel to the ocean, this energy flows in and around blocks and obstructions.

Both candidates were in the Old Energy Paradigm. But Hillary Clinton had a tremendous network and system around her that were planning on controlling her presidency. Looking energetically at the energy flowing down into our systems, wherever there is a block, the New Energy either blasts it open or finds a new channel.

It found a new channel…through the open channel of “no system,  order, or organization”…the chaos of Donald Trump. The story of the U.S. election isn’t over yet (cause chaos loves to keep on delivering the unexpected), but there are some wonderful words of encouragement in my 2017 Energy Reading (created in early October) for us this coming year.

For our systems in chaos, the planet Venus helps us with this message: Surround yourself with systems of beauty, that ignite your creativity and passions and that promote love.

For groups and relationships in chaos, the planetary unit of our own Moon/Earth offers this message: Revere the sacredness within all life on the planet.

And for individuals in chaos the planet of Saturn offers this message: Discard destructive habits and let time heal all wounds. This will clear your energy channels for a new flow of creative expression.

Essentially. next year is about creativity. We’re going to need it to solve some substantial challenges on Earth. But more importantly it’s about your own creativity, which is exploring who you really are through your Divine Creativity.

It’s not time yet, for Groups to move into the New Energy Paradigm but as an individual focused on discovering who you are through your creativity…that will ripple into the world and make a substantial difference.

A final note: The 2017 Energy Reading does not handle your fears, despair or any other emotion and thoughts with its information. That is up to you to do. No matter where we are in our transformation (which chaos is a part of) we are the ones responsible for our mind and emotions. The Buddhist have long known this when they said, “Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After Enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.”

It does offer, though, a sense of how this is all unfolding and that we will unfold toward a new level of mastery. That is always the direction of transformation. Best of all, it offers the sense that we are not alone as we strive being the new Love as Light. Don’t get swept up in the the drama of groups. Keep close to your loved ones and the immediate world around you and what you are creating from your heart and purpose.

Here is the link to the 2017 Energy Reading: https://app.box.com/s/8rvo2vt9vyjpoaxw9fep2xislixs6xfy

If you feel, it would be helpful, I would be honored to do an individual reading for you. (Link is in the report or right here: https://scienceofenergyhealing.com/2017-the-peak-of-the-shift/).

With much Light as Love and in alignment with Earth and the New Energy Paradigm,


P.S. I highly encourage you to become a Master of Transformation next year so you can use the energy to your advantage. You can get started here.

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