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What is Crystalline Consciousness?

I woke up this morning ready to finish my post on Mercury going retrograde and how one can energetically adapt to that. I always pay attention to my first thoughts upon waking, because these show me where I was during dream time and what I was learning or doing. I don’t often remember dreams unless they are what I call my Shamanic Dreams (a future post). What came in fresh from last night’s dream time, were the two words “crystalline consciousness.” I knew immediately I wanted to write about that instead of Mercury retrograde. Here’s some context:

When I teach classes in Crystalline Consciousness Technique, I am asked (a lot), “What IS Crystalline Consciousness?” Students aren’t asking about the protocol that a person learns in the class. They are asking what those two words…crystalline and consciousness, are referring to. I will tell them the answer and half an hour later, they ask the same question again. And again. My intention in this post is to answer this question in a way that makes it completely clear to anyone (even someone not taking the class) what crystalline consciousness is. (At this point my guides LOL). Fasten your seat belts…here we go:

Consciousness is energy of awareness and intelligence. Although we tend to think that there is only one type of consciousness in the world (human consciousness), there are in fact many. Nature, for example, has consciousness which focuses on balance. And in our own bodies, we have human consciousness which is part Nature (or our biology) and the soul consciousness…that part of ourselves that exists whether or not it’s in a biological container. Soul consciousness on this planet is about growth. A major task that we have in becoming a master in our own life is to come to terms with these two types of consciousness that makes up our being, ultimately growing in balance. Once humans master this individually, then the task is to master it on a collective level. Rain forest deforestation is not, for example, balanced (or sustainable) growth.

Other world views on consciousness have to do with different levels of consciousness such as ordinary consciousness, altered consciousness, unity consciousness, transformed consciousness, higher consciousness. Consciousness has multiple levels of knowing itself and of awareness, each one leading to the next. What a child is consciously aware of, is certainly different from what an adult is aware of. As adults, we have new levels of consciousness to open to. One of the best books ever written on this topic is by Itzhak Bentov called A Brief Tour of Higher Consciousness: A Cosmic Book on the Mechanics of Creation. One of the most important qualities of consciousness is that it exists free from time and space limitations and it has the ability to transmit information without exchanging or using energy to do so. Isn’t that cool? (A simple form of this type of exchange is telepathy.)

Before looking at crystalline consciousness, I want to look at the word crystalline by itself. We live in a world made up of crystalline structures. The nature of a crystal is that it is ordered and aligned into latices or matrixes. This gives the form unique properties, depending on what the form of the crystalline structure is. Science has been exploring the properties of crystals for a long time and using them in a variety of ways. One of the latest areas of exploration is combining biominerals (living minerals) with crystals. Below is a photo of a normal calcite crystal on the left, and the same calcite crystal when combined with a biomineral.

A Living Crystal

Translated in my simple laywoman terms, the crystalline figure on the right is a crystal shape imbued with living consciousness (i.e. biomineral). That is what the human body is. Our interior is a vast crystalline matrix or lattice that is created by connective tissue and water. The connective tissue extends down to the subatomic level (and probably beyond but scientific instruments can’t go any further). If we are so crystalline by nature, why don’t we look like a diamond or like a piece of gum (like the photo on the left)? Because our crystalline nature is infused with consciousness.

Crystalline structures have long been known for their properties in storing and conveying information. One of the ways these structures do this is through the transmitting and receiving of light. I came across this fascinating post concerning scientists who are looking for a way to create computer chips that process information through photons (light) instead of electricity (current form). A Brazilian beetle has been discovered to have the perfect crystalline structure to do this (discovered by a high school girl…girl power!)

The human body already does this through its living crystalline matrix, i.e. crystalline consciousness. Just as light has different properties, if you look at it as a wave versus a photon, we can access different properties of consciousness when we identify with our crystalline nature.

Okay, so we are comprised of a crystalline, living matrix which orders and transmits information in nanoseconds. But there is more to it all than just what is within us. In a Crystalline Consciousness Technique session, something very curious happens. The body hooks or links up to a field of vibrational energy that I call Crystalline Consciousness. When it does this, the body instantaneously begins to release distortions in its matrix or lattice like a diamond releasing flaws and becoming clearer (hence more valuable). The value for the human body is to regain health, manifest at a quicker or more amplified rate and evolve in consciousness. In physics, this is called resonant tuning. From the book Elegant Empowerment by David P. Lapierre and Peggy Phoenix Dubro, the definition of resonant tuning is:

“A process of triggering the natural internal, and interdimensional, unified states of alignment, integration and balance within a system. Tuning results in expanding states of internal coherence, unification towards the whole.”

This is where the question, “What is Crystalline Consciousness?” eludes me. I have metaphysically looked at this field of consciousness and asked, “Is this God?” Obviously, everything is from and of the Divine (or God), but this field of consciousness is not the vastness of Isness that we call God. It is part of it, but not all of it. So what is it?

Before we get to the answer that I just got, I need to explain a couple more consciousness ideas. There are fields of conscious awareness, like data banks, that humans have long acknowledged. One is the Akashic Records. Considered to hold all the information of the past and future for every human, the Akashic Records has been studied by the Hindi spiritual masters, as well as scientists such as Tesla. Crystalline Consciousness is NOT the Akashic Records.

Rupert Sheldrake has promoted the theory of morphic fields of resonance. From Wikipedia comes this description: “In layman terms, the theory (of morphic resonance) proposes that any form looks always alike because it “remembers” its form through repetition and that any new forms having similar characteristics will “use” the pattern of similar forms already existing as a guide for its appearance” Sheldrake proposes a field of consciousness that he calls “morphic fields” where living and nonliving form exchanges information as how to order itself. (Where’s that morphic field of skinny people?) Crystalline Consciousness has properties of a morphic field but it is NOT the morphic field for humans that Rupert Sheldrake works with.

You might be wondering, how I know this? Because of my ability to read energy through vibration, I can ask Rupert Sheldrake to show me what he calls the morphic field and read the vibration of what he connects to. I then check it for a vibrational fit with Crystalline Consciousness. It doesn’t match. (I also did that with “God” and Akashic Records).

Crystalline Consciousness is not new to humans because once they connect to it, it feels familiar (even if we can’t explain what the heck it is). However, most humans have forgotten that they know it and the CCT classes helps people reconnect to this memory.

Still with me? When I ask if Crystalline Consciousness was known to souls prior to becoming humans, I get “yes.” In the process of stepping down the soul’s energy to become a human form in Earth’s 3rd dimension, gravitational field we forget many things.

Here’s what I get (for now) about what Crystalline Consciousness is: It’s the field of conscious awareness, where we can re-member ourselves as divine beings. The remembering takes place, not only in our minds, but at a cellular, DNA, and subatomic level. To rewrite the definition of resonant tuning, we could say:

Crystalline Consciousness triggers states of unified states of alignment, integration, balance, and wholeness between the microcosm (your system within) and the macrocosm (everything external).

The metaphor that comes to mind to explain this shift in awareness is like a new type of an echo. The old echo works like this: God stands on a mountain top and yells, “You are Divine!” And we (as the echo) all yell back, “You are divine!”

The new form of echo works like this: God stands on a mountain top and yells, “You are Divine!” This time we all yell back, “I am Divine!”

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  • Thanks for the well-thought and interesting post! Okay – so everyone knows that some pretty scary stuff is happening to our world from war and economic crisis to global warming and climate change. But nobody seems to know how to stop these things from happening. Its like we all want to do better in our day-to-day life and be more responsible, but does it really make a difference?

    It does.

    I just finished reading James Ray’s new book called Harmonic Wealth and then attended a teleseminar with James about how we can spread Harmonic Wealth around the world. James really hit the nail on the head with this one idea. He talked about PHASE TRANSITION – it’s a scientific term that describes how when a critical mass of something (like a certain number of molecules) is met, then a shift in the entire structure occurs. It’s what they use to describe a liquid turning to gas at a certain temperature and that sort of thing.

    James used it to explain how WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD. Seriously. If it makes sense at a molecular level, than it makes sense on a global scale, too. If enough of us make those changes happen in our own lives (get the Hybrid, recycle, go carbon neutral, vote against war, etc.), at a certain point we will hit critical mass and the change will happen for everyone! You can feel it happening already and I certainly want to be a part of it.

    Check out his book at the Harmonic Wealth website: harmonicwealth.com/read

    – a James Ray Fan

  • Really enjoyed your stuff – think it would be useful to pass on to my Huna students. Is it OK with you for me to spread the word? Thanks.

  • By all means, spread the word! And thank you.


  • Thanks for the great article. I was especially happy to hear validation of the different forms of consciousness that are not human. It appears that everything has some form of consciousness, and we are now beginning to see our profound connection not only to each other, but to all forms on the planet and in the universe.

  • it was awesome the bits i could understand ,. and every word of it is true after 2012 we r gonnna become crstalline instead of cabon