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What 2017 Was About | The Big Picture

Eclipse Energy DownloadIn last year’s energy reading that I did, the Galactic Council I work with gave the big picture view of what was happening on the planet. Below is an excerpt from that reading. If you would like to sign up to get the 2018 Energy Reading, you can do so here.

From the Galactic Council of Light Beings…

We are a group of Light Be-ings from many places in the Universe. Our purpose is to work with life throughout planetary systems. This coming year for Earth is the culmination of many thousands of centuries of evolution or as we call it transformation. You have been slowly getting ready for this time but now the shift must come and there’s no holding it back any longer. Think of it as a bandage that you’ve been removing very slowly and carefully but you’ve come to the part when one swift jerk will remove it completely. That is 2017.

Our intent here is to share information that will help you handle this shift and to be able to create positive expressions of transformation in your life. Your opportunity right now is to wildly exceed your expectations about what is possible. As long as what you are creating is in alignment with the new Earth systems, you are without limit.

How will you know if you are in alignment with the new Earth systems? There are certain general signs and indicators that we will share with you to help guide you. But knowing who you are at a core essential level is vitally important, especially this coming year.

Besides being able to align to the new Earth systems, you must also get comfortable with transformation. The very act of transforming means to go beyond form. The human brain is built to sense energy and translates it into known forms. When it doesn’t recognize what it perceives fear arises. The body/mind will attempt to identify if the unknown energy is a threat to its survival. If the energy is unrecognized, then it will be categorized as a threat. You call this “Better safe than sorry.” This won’t work anymore.

We are here to help you translate the new forms of life expression also known as your higher potential.

This process is a bit like a tree. It receives energy from the sun at the leaves and translates that into sugar. This sugar must move down through the branches, then the trunk and eventually the roots. From there the sugar is stored for the tree’s use in winter. It’s also used to help support additional trees through the network of roots and fungi that connect all trees to each other.

Before we continue with this metaphor into its fullest implications, take a moment and think if a tree had blocks between its branches and its trunk. Those blocks would inhibit the transfer of the sugar into nourishing the rest of the tree. Its growth would become stunted and it would eventually die.

This is the process that life forms are moving through on Earth as they transform into new life expressions. Where there are no blocks, the energy flows easily and great things happen. Where there are blocks, the energy builds up until it breaks through the blocks, a process that can destroy the form.

What creates the blocks? In humans, the mental and emotional subtle bodies, particularly the emotional body, are blocking the energy flow. In other life forms, the flow is being blocked through distortions in the DNA.

Humans are different than other life forms on the planet because their conscious transformation (which is like an operating system on a computer or tablet) is wired into their physical bodies. They don’t upgrade just their operating system but also their hardware as well.

Other forms of life shift through their biology or Nature Consciousness. Except for insects, it is easier for Nature Consciousness to exterminate a certain life form mid-life and bring in the new form through birth. This new form will have the updated operating system that Earth is now working with.

Because humans also have a Nature Consciousness, they can choose to transform the way other life expressions on Earth are transforming…through life extinction. This is the case when the mental and emotional blocks do not soften and release. For this softening to occur, humans need to step beyond their fear of the unknown and open in trust to a new expression of life on the planet.

In 2017, the three levels of life expression…individual, groups and systems are all in the second phase of transformation, known as chaos. The first phase of transformation is called opening as consciousness opens to a new level of evolution, growth or transformation. The second phase, called chaos, is the one when ordered form becomes unordered so it can morph or transform into a higher form of life expression. Chaos means “unordered.” The third phase of transformation is called mastery because the new level of transformation has been reached.

You innately know these three phases as your body/mind uses them to grow. You’ve also seen it in Nature in the form of the caterpillar that transforms into a butterfly. When the caterpillar is in its cocoon it returns to a primordial chunky soup that is unordered form. That is chaos. How does it know to transform from primordial soup into a butterfly? What is guiding this process? The guidance is built into the process of transformation and the answer is sacred geometry. All form orders and organizes itself using sacred geometry.

Paradigm ShiftThink of all the changes a caterpillar goes through to become a butterfly. It goes from becoming a leaf-eating animal with teeth to a nectar-sipping one with a straw. The intestines must shift from digesting leaf parts to flower nectar. The butterfly also grows wings that it knows how to use as it emerges from its chrysalis. So, too, are the changes in this dramatic transformation you are undergoing.

What will the newly emerged human at an individual, group and system level look like and be able to do? Where will you be able to fly and what kind of nectar will feed you?

All of life including humans is developing a crystalline energy system. The current energy system being used is electromagnetic in nature. This won’t go away but will have the new system on top of it. This new energy system which has been prevalent in humans since the 1980s, has become available to all of life since 2012 when Earth developed Crystalline Grids.

All transformation is an energetic event. The shift that Earth is experiencing is very rapid. It needs to order and organize energy into higher levels of order thus supporting more life while life itself consumes fewer resources. Think of the shift between the caterpillar that eats leaves, sometimes destroying entire plants, to the butterfly that sips nectar, leaving the plant intact. This is a crystalline shift.

Making this shift while still alive is extremely challenging for humans. Not because it is painful, but because they don’t have a context for it. The mental body doesn’t know how to interpret what is happening so the unconscious human believes it is pathological or disease. The emotional body responds with fear and pumps stress chemicals into the body creating an environment that makes it easy to get sick.

This is why Crystalline humans came in long before the big Earth Shift. They are here to help at this time. Through the energy phenomena of synchrony, humans shift when others around them have shifted.

The timing of the new energy system on the planet coincides with the timing of the precessions of the equinoxes. Every 26,500 years the Earth and solar system shift into a new cycle. This is the opportunity to upgrade all living systems. This is a paradigm shift that affects all living systems throughout all dimensions.

Like the shedding of a skin, the world is releasing the old paradigm with its entangled energies that cannot transform into a new level of evolved energy. This old paradigm is sinking under its own weight of old energies that have lost their ability to create higher levels of harmony and balance. This is perhaps the most important concept to understand about this paradigm shift. This new paradigm is not evolving out of the one before but is downloading onto the planet. 2017 is the mid-point of this process.

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