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We’re Headed for Evolution of Consciousness

One of the greatest misconceptions we hold is that our every day consciousness is an all-knowing,  highest-on-the totem pole awareness machine. A king-of-the-hill attitude. The truth is, for most of us, our consciousness only perceives about 1-2% of the totality of our being. Just as the tip of the iceberg doesn’t even begin to show us the full extent and power of the whole iceberg, our consciousness only reflects a small portion of our own power and beingness.

Consciousness does not evolve with personal growth, psychotherapy or group counseling. It only evolves when there has been a vibrational shift throughout all levels of the extended body—physical and energetic. Spiritual awakening is one cause of an evolution of consciousness, when the mind finally knows for sure that there is more out there than just the mind. It can also occur with energy healing, meditation, and spontaneous mystical experiences.

Up until now, evolution of consciousness has been mostly an individual sport. But there’s a new player in the field of evolution and it is Earth, herself. If this seems a stretch that Earth has a consciousness, that would be your own limited consciousness about the true nature of the world and universe. My definition of consciousness is any energy of awareness and intelligence. Earth is able to repair and balance, to bring in new life forms, and to continue to evolve. This to me speaks of awareness and intelligence.

The Mayan calendar has been perceived as, not so much a keeper of time as we think of it, but the evolution of consciousness on the planet. According to the Mayans we are currently in a time that is the precursor to a tremendous leap in conscious evolution. The culmination of this transition has been predicted to be winter solstice of 2012. Perhaps one of the most interesting predictions about this next evolution of consciousness is that the entire human race will be shifting or evolving in consciousness.

Just what happens with an evolution of consciousness? A beginning list includes:

  1. Spontaneous opening to higher sense perception. We will all be able to perceive in realms way beyond the current 3rd dimension.
  2. Sudden and complete understanding of ancient truths, mystical knowledge and mystery school information.
  3. Instantaneous healing.
  4. Release of terrorism, aggression, and war mongering.
  5. Spontaneous opening of the heart center, fostering connection through love, joy and peace.

What happens when an entire world of people make this shift simultaneously? That is not known as there is no memory of this ever happening on this scale on the Earth. As much as the above list sounds Utopic, sudden shifts of this scale can cause a great deal of disorientation and chaos for people. Everyone responds differently in these conditions, some striking out in terror or misinterpreting the shift as the end of the world instead of the beginning.

Understanding energy and how to balance your own energies is imperative at this time so that the coming shift can be experienced with grace and ease. If you need any questions about how to get started, email me.

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  • That so beautifully describes what is happening! Great post!

  • Beautiful post. Short, sweet, and simple… yet packs a powerful punch.

    Much joy,

  • Dearests Gia—-

    You are truly amazing—-my work with you has changed my life——and we all are sooooo blessed to have you in our lives.

    Blessings Kay

  • Oh my goodness! There are no coincedences are there. I have just found your sight for the first time. The last paragraph just re-re-enforced what a spirit counseler recently told me…’balance your energy as it is very important for you right now.’ It also re-re-enforces the conversation I had with my dear friend, Kim F, just this evening.

    Thank you! Thank You!
    Anna in Asheville

  • Hi Anna,
    Welcome to Science of Energy Healing. There’s lots to explore here, including healing meditations and podcasts to listen to. Check out the Post Index for more.

    Now in the line of coincidences, I have always wanted to check out Asheville. This past weekend I met the owner of Celtic Sea Salt which is located in Asheville and now you have “found” the site and left a comment! Maybe I’ll be going there soon.