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We All Read Energy

During the 1990s my abilities to interpret and read energy developed dramatically. I felt very special indeed with that ability! Until, that is, I realized everyone reads energy. I don’t just mean every human, I mean every living thing right down to a single-cell bacteria. It is hardwired into the operating system of all life.

Reading energy is our ability to perceive vibrations in our surrounding environment and interpret them correctly. The human body has many mechanisms for doing this, most notably the energy field that surrounds us. If for some reason the energy field is not existent or has collapsed due to some factor such as illness or environmental hazards, then our own body systems must take on the task. This usually begins to compromise the system, which in turn slows down any healing or regeneration that might be needed. Anyone who has a chronic illness suffers from a nonexistent or damaged energy field. For more about healing and maintaining the energy field please read about Setting Up Your Energy Fields at the Crystalline Consciousness Technique™ website.

The second part to reading energy is all about how it is interpreted. This is where the central nervous system comes in. Most people read energy at a subliminal or subconscious level. For instance, we walk into a room and our bodies instantly knows if it is a safe environment or not. The body immediately responds to an unsafe environment by activating the fight or flight mechanisms. Our heart rate increases, palms start sweating and we begin to breathe faster. How in tune we are to our body will determine if our conscious minds picks up on these symptoms or not.

This is where it gets more complicated. Because our body scans through it’s “knowledge” banks about what makes a safe or unsafe environment (or any other factor that it is reading) at a frightening speed and comes to an instantaneous decision, we may not respond correctly. Part of what comprises these knowledge banks are traumas. If traumas aren’t worked all the way through and continue to be stored in the body, then they predetermine the response. If, for example, I was bit by a dog as a child and I enter a room with a dog, my body may decide that is a “Code Red, Code Red” situation. Meanwhile the reality is a big, lumbering labrador asleep by the fireplace. (For anyone who has a phobia about dogs and missed that reference: Labradors are all heart and rarely hurt a flea. You’ll never see them on the TV show Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan.) Old traumas respond very well to energy healing for releasing from the body.

It takes more than just healing from old traumas, however, to be free from incorrect responses or “jumping to conclusions.” By developing your own energy reading skills you make the information accessible to your conscious mind as it resides in the frontal lobe. Then we have greater discernment which leads to choices that are proactive versus reactive. The trick to this is to develop the inner observer.

In part two of this blog, titled Developing the Witness Observer, I’ll offer you some rules of thumb about the benefits of an observer, how to use the observer for reading energy, and a meditation for developing one.

Stay tuned!

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  • hi,
    my names tina and i recently became interested in energy readings and healing.
    I just read your article and its true that children and animals are instantly drawn to me.
    I have had babies stare and smile transfixed on me for the longest time.

    also i have often taken an instant dislike to people and can feel a tension around me whenever I am near them a negative feeling or aura.

    ps i dont know if this is important but electric objects often act up around me more often than others.

    i feel that i am picking up energy of those around me and would love to learn how to use this in the way that i can help others.

  • Hi Tina,
    Thanks for visiting the blog and leaving a comment. I highly recommend taking a class in perhaps Reiki or my personal favorite, Crystalline Consciousness Technique. It give you a form to work with to direct your healing energy.

    good luck!


  • This website is a welcome resource. To become speechless while attuning t energy is a step toward expanding the self and beginning to recognize the totality of what exists. Would you like to added to the Dreambuilders Australia blogroll?

  • hi my name is Rae,

    I’m actually doing my final for bio class on this since i am a natural.
    Now i’m not saying i’m an expert or anything, but i am saying that i really like to read up on this stuff. and would like to thank you for this website it has some good information.
    Also if i may suggest something for those who want to now how to control this, don’t learn tarot cards, or wicca or anything like that because it doesn’t do anything good for your charkas and balance. Instead just let it be all natural, and what helps with this is organic crystals, especially for healing, just putting them on a bracelet or neckalace and wearing it helps. Also, you can go to barnes and noble and pick up a book on crystals, so you know which ones are good. And maybe even take a few chi classes, and do alot of meditation, it all helps. Like i said before barnes and noble has good books on this that can help you, but becareful becuz some aren’t good.