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The State of the World

If there is anyone out there who didn’t feel an extreme intensity in the world in the past two to three weeks, please introduce yourself and tell me what you are doing!?

I consider myself to have an overabundance in healing gifts, wisdom and knowledge for dealing with energy shifts. I can work with mercury retrograde so it doesn’t affect me. I can balance incoming energies from the galaxy and my own spiritual transformations. I can ward of psychic attacks. But whatever is going on now is out beyond the known road map.  Sure information coming from other psychics and intuitives is great (and that includes me) but what does a person do with that information?

I personally believe that the planet has gone through this type of transformation before. I also personally believe that whatever life was on the planet when it went through its own transformation got wiped out, or close to it anyway. This Earth awakening, evolution of consciousness, transformation, 2012 event, or whatever you want to call it is an unknown for us. We have no reference points. And the guides that are guiding us are fantastic but quite frankly…they are not in physical bodies.

I had all these wonderful posts I planned to write about for personal and spiritual growth and awareness…for example “How to Reinvent Yourself” (via the style of Al Gore) and “Curious Cases in Energy Healing. ” But these seem incredibly innocuous now. We don’t seem to have the luxury of a gentle introduction to the business of spiritual and energetic awakening and growth. As nonswimmers we’ve been thrown into the deep end of the pool and it’s got an undertow, tsunami, and riptide all happening at the same time.

Having stated all of the above, here are some questions I have for my guides at this time. As I get answers, I’ll share them with you all. Feel free to add your own answers or questions in the comments.

  1. It seems all of my energy and mental awareness is being consumed with what is happening around me. How can I manage to stay balanced with this constant change and yet move forward with my own individual intentions as well?
  2. I am more fully in the present then ever before. This is the good news. The bad news is, it’s very hard to have any consistency in my life. I can’t remember what I was doing yesterday, that I need to do today, to be prepared for tomorrow. How can I operate in this new state of beingness AND still handle the necessary mundane aspects of life?
  3. How can I more quickly focus and create psychic space in this incredibly, energetically noisy world we live in?
  4. Life feels so accelerated that an event from last week seems like 10 years ago. I feel like I am dropping many projects in midstream to keep up with it all. Do I just let them drop? Is there some other way to work with time that I am not aware of yet?
  5. Why are so many of the spiritual leaders (I’m not talking about religious leaders, but those who have been doing their personal/spiritual work and are awakened) stalled out with work the past 6 months?
  6. What the heck is going on in the bigger picture of things and how can I work with it all, instead of be in resistance to it?

In the next post, I’ll invite in my guides’ answers.

For now, it’s raining outside. After a grueling month of hot, dry weather the rain seems like a validation from the spirit/nature realms that all will be okay. I’m going outside to enjoy it.

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  • Gia,
    Is the way you are experiencing this particular intensity part of the preparation for the next work you are bringing into the physical? Sounds like the highly chaotic phase of a major reorganization.


  • Thanks, Lexi, for the reminder. As an energy healer and intuitive, however, there is a part of me that is constantly watching the “state of the world” or collective consciousness. It is there that I find the intensity occurring. It can be overwhelming for a healer.gia

  • I had my own personal “Big Bang” in 1995. I was ordered to shrinks because I kept saying “I’ve been to the 5th dimension” and “Don’t you understand it’s happening”. To bad my 17 year old mind could not understand it.
    From that time I have watched as waves of people have woken up confused and looking for leadership(Allot of time finding none or unevolved leadership).
    This time period of the collective consciousness it seems the waves are getting bigger and more people are waking up in stages not just “The Big Bang” and thank God for that.
    I see if people have information they are getting waves around them. I have the same questions but the only answers I have gotten is stay still so I don’t get wrapped up in part of a shift that is not appropriate for me. I have even had to restrict my self from allot of my favorite internet sites.
    As I write this I am being told “hold your ground and breath”.
    I guess I will try (But I still want the answers so let us know, please).


  • Hi Liz, Thank you for the moral and energetic support! I, too, get that “stay still” message. Surrender seems like a good tool for me to master these days…especially for a highly dynamic mind and creative spirit.

  • gia,

    Whew, thank you… Listening to my heart became, as you know, obvious.
    Hind sight, listen, stop, breathe, ground.

    I believe that we are being asked to stand in the center of the fire and not shrink back this time and to breathe and listen to the chaos and somehow find the Beauty in all of it. I believe that we are also being asked to know what sustains us, when all else falls away. It is a matter of more than survival it is a matter of receiving WHO WE TRULY ARE, no matter what, For are we not moving in SERVICE to the LIGHT.

    In the last four days I have been consciously stating ” I honor this chaos and the gifts it brings, which then releases much grief, so many tears and as I do that I find ME, on top of the wave holding space for many. (a difficult task)

    In Deep Appreciation,

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