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The New Harmonic for Left and Right Brains

This week’s radio show featured looking at the change that is going on with the left and right brains during this time of transformation. Here I share some of the highlights as well as the link to listen to the mp3 archive.

There are two trends unfolding currently. Those people who are predominantly left brained (logical thinkers) are becoming more right brain (intuitive), while those who are predominantly right brain are beginning to interact in a whole new way in the left brain world. The left brain is also associated with the biological human rhythms, while the right brain is associated with the soul’s rhythms. The first is rather a fast rhythm compared to the slower rhythm of the soul as it spend many lifetimes mastering lessons.

Meanwhile the energetic relationship between the two is also changing. In the past, our two brains would connect with each other via the corpus collosum, swinging back and forth between the different hemispheres. A new relationship is beginning to show itself, however. It is part of the emerging crystalline consciousness and energy self that humans are evolving into.

The Mayan calendar refers to this time as the synchronizing of 3 large time cycles. For Mayans, time cycles had and have an effect on consciousness. In my intuitive information I perceive 2 of the 3 cycles are nearly merged or synchronized together. These two cycles are directly affecting the way in which the left and right brain operate. Instead of a lateral switch from left to right brain, there is a nesting occurring created by a harmonic ratio between the left and right brains. Ths harmonic ratio will allow us to operate more fully from the frontal lobe, the lobe that creates a unity consciousness. This new harmonic ratio allows us to operate from higher potentials of mental consciousness. When the third cycle synchronizes with the first 2, then the pineal gland will become activated with the harmonic left and right brains and create a new central nervous system in alignment with our energetic anatomy which is becoming crystalline.

The radio show has a healing meditation that helps the left and right brain move into the new harmonic. For me greater ease with left brain tasks would be phenomenal!

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Radio Show and Healing Meditation: http://www.box.net/shared/9rqo598c6g

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