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The Metaphysics of Money

Most people consider money as a measure of life force. By expending life force, i.e. working, a person receives a certain amount of money in return. This is materialized money. To view it in this way is to lock into a very limiting belief system of haves and have nots. In my energy sessions with others I have found that many people will project their unresolved issues onto money, including religion, sex, power, family, unresolved karma, self worth and a host of other highly creative possibilities. If we feel unworthy of love of our family and we’ve projected family issues onto money, then we won’t allow ourselves to receive. Or we’ll energetically give off the information that we’re not worthy, ensuring that people don’t pay us for our services.

When we energetically work with money materialistically, we perceive the source of money outside of ourselves. Our life force energy flows out horizontally in front of our second chakra to a low vibrational form that we consider the money source. This might be our governments, bosses, corporations, parents or to whomever we give away our power. Energetically this creates a reversed flow to growth and evolution.

Metaphysically money represents a form of energy from the Creator Source. At its purest essence, this energy flow is that which nourishes life within us, or vital life force energy. We live in an abundant world and universe, there is plenty of life nourishing energy for all of us. When this concept is known throughout every fiber of our being then money transforms from a materialistic level to a spiritualized one. It becomes an expression of life force not a measure of it.

Life force energy naturally moves through us vertically while we are in our human bodies. To have greater amounts of money in your life, simply increase the flow of vital life force energy through your body. Your intentions will decide the form of expression that the life force energy takes. What creates vital life force energy is joy and reverence for life. When you express your life force energy with joy and reverence, money will naturally follow. Below are four simple, but profound steps to apply this principle and increase the flow of money in your life:

  1. Affirm the abundance of life force in your life. All that is in your life is an expression of what you have created from life force energy. If you are only noticing the lack of money, you are affirming a story that there is not enough life force. This reduces the flow through you as whatever we place our attention on is created in our life. Your home, car, food, clothes, family, work, health can all be areas that you can affirm as a positive and abundant life force flow. The traditional form for affirming is to express appreciation from your heart to the Creator Source for all that you have.
  2. Acknowledge the forms that nourish you spiritually and emotionally. That might be a religious or other spiritual organization. It might also be an organization that affirms your reverence for life as it works to end world hunger, bring aid to those who need medical help or provides homes for the homeless. Whatever the form that spiritually nourishes you, it should be something that you feel passionate about. The traditional form for acknowledgement is donating money.
  3. Pay it forward. By generously donating money at the beginning of the month before all the bills are paid, you are making a powerful statement that you are in a place of thriving not just surviving. Generosity opens the channels for life force flow. Energetically you are also calibrating your field to that which spiritually nourishes the life force within you. This magnetizes your field. Since money is highly magnetic then you attract more of it to you. You also attract other forms of abundance as well.
  4. Add intention to your money. When we work with spiritualized money we are free from those agencies that try to control us. Each time we spend money, we are making an energetic statement about what we stand for, what we value. You can take this concept even further. When you pay the electric bill, your taxes, or a credit card, your money can carry your spiritual values with it and become an agent for change…no pun intended! Simply link your check or money to your spiritual values with an intention and send it on its way.

Here’s your chance to try it out! If this post nourished you spiritually, please donate. Thank you.

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  • As Gia says, the other side of the coin, so to speak, is to simultaneously work with the symbolic meaning of money. Money is a powerful talisman. By cleansing one’s power talisman of shadow energy, there’s opportunity to create a more meaningful life. It’s also worth noting there’s a global consensus about the rules of money–it’s called capitalism. It’s well worth one’s time to learn the simple rules of financial literacy if you want to grow your money after receiving it.

  • Gia,

    This is a fabulous post! We really should focus on the abundance versus lack.

  • Every single thing in the universe is made up of energy! Yes, even money!

    Great post you have written about focus and abundance. The secret is knowledge of the power that you have to change your inner self.

    Your readers might be interested in this Bob Proctor interview report in which he shares with us what he thinks of the Law Of Attraction :

    Accelerating Wealth Health and Love

  • This sentence leapt out at me – “If we feel unworthy of love of our family and we’ve projected family issues onto money, then we won’t allow ourselves to receive.”

    I’ve just begun to connect my belief patterns about my self-worth (which I THOIGHT were ok) with my experiences with money.

    And now I’m shifting them…

    Thank you!

  • Wow,

    Great article, I love it!

    They key is the constant focus, what I am doing to help people is free coaching every morning that is metaphyisically based and keeps that focus.

    The underlying thought is that if we help more people find abundance the world will change.

    Check it out http://www.morningcoach.com it is free.

  • It is hard at times, but true focusing on what one has and vs. the lack of is more beneficial then can be imagined.

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    thank you- peace and balance


  • Hi Jim,
    Thanks for your enthusiastic invite. I’m a bit behind on my to-do list, but when caught up will enjoy checking out your site.


  • Asalamu alikum peace be on you
    I told studied and red metaphysics and wasted money to ready and wasted time to ready based on the philosphy everyone is energy our thoughts mind brain universe every matter is energy and good things thoughts words actions belief statements and affiramations attract positive things i programed myself concsiously sub and para and super consciously towards that but I am in extra ordinary debt and nothing is going to happen with me except i have to die as poper and bagger if it is philosphy with no impact and use lessthing in my life ever i practced a philosphical subject claiming facts and no result and not a establish scientific fact based on theories and assumptions.
    this is use less arguments based on exertion of force creation of matter and energy and balanced universe and potential in human body everything is use less

  • Dr. Ismaiel,
    I’m sorry, that things have been tough for you. I, too, have had very tough times financially in my life. That is precisely why, I know, firsthand that these theories, when put into practice work. It’s what helped me turn around a tremendous debt.

    Just tuning into abundance of any sort can begin to shift things for you. Even abundant debt is abundance!

    And having some one send up a prayer for you can also help…which I am doing as I write this.

    May you receive abundant, financial support and blessings,

  • Thank you for the nice reminder… what you focus on you create… Everyone walks around saying there isn’t enough – enough what is the question? To be rich has nothing to do with ones bank account it has to do with one’s awareness. Thank you..

  • I appreciate the tips for calibrating my energy field. What you said about our relationship with our family resonated with me. If we don’t feel worthy of receiving love from them, then we will often have difficulty with receiving in other areas of our lives.