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The Four Stages of Growth

Do you ever get stalled out in your life or in a project? Find yourself waffling back and forth about proceeding? Work very hard at a project, only to see it fizzle out at the end? Get overwhelmed by difficulties as soon as you set your intention? If so, you may be stuck in one of the four stages of growth, or as they are called in ancient vedic wisdom from India—the Four Baskets.

The Four Baskets refer to four stages of development that occur when you are in utero. They are:

1. Conception

  • At the point of conception there is stillness and fullness, such as one experiences in a so called “pregnant moment.” In the Hindi tradition in India, it is believed that the emotional state of the parents at the time of pregnancy imprints on the newly conceived human being and that it becomes the core emotion for life. A “positive womb” creates happiness and psychological security as a foundation. (Note: I recently worked with someone who had a baby from an in vitro fertilization. I could actually see the energy of the doctors and lab technicians imprinted on the baby. With energy healing, however, this can be changed.)

2. Restriction

  • In the next stage of pregnancy, there are a lot of chemical changes that occur. The growing fetus experiences restriction and the response can be one of unpleasantness or struggle. Again the experiences the mother is having during this time will affect how one deals with this phase of growth. What is the point of restriction you might be wondering? It is the result of spirit fusing with biology or nature.

3. Preparing for Birth

  • During this phase or stage, the type of movement is back and forth. The pregnant mother has false labor pains called Braxton Hicks and labor may actually start, only to stop again. The emotional swing during this phase is one of hope/no hope or doubt/faith.

4. Birth

  • The moment everyone has been waiting for! It’s a moment of liberation, victory, success and completion.

How do the four stages of pregnancy relate in normal life? Sometimes in personal or spiritual growth or in manifesting we have to:

  • Wait or
  • Feel restriction or
  • Oscillate or
  • Land perfectly.

Growth is not only one of the scientific definitions of life, it is also the primary quality of the soul. When growth gets impeded or stopped, or there is a perception that growth is being stopped, a tremendous amount of frustration can build up within you, creating it own secondary problems.

Your initial experiences in the womb have become the default mode for how you work through the phases of growth. With energy healing, you can choose your own preferences including your emotional set point for joy, happiness and contentment as well as success in manifesting. Becoming aware of the fours stages of growth can help you identify where you are, if you are actually stuck or just perceiving yourself as stuck, and prepare for what’s next.

In the following meditation, you are led back through your four baskets of life, clearing and healing imprints that are causing you problems in personal or spiritual growth or in manifesting. Next negative emotions or energetic charges that have built up in your life about these different phases are released. Working with a clean slate, you will be asked for your deeper understanding about each phase. The American culture isn’t one that honors waiting, restriction and struggling, or oscillating. The intent here, is that you find within you the metaphysical purpose for each phase of growth in your life. Once you reach the metaphysical purpose (why does your soul need this?), often there is an Ah Ha! moment about all the moments in your life. That is the moment you gain freedom over your biology.

You may need several run-throughs to get to the Ah Ha! moment. Sometimes just becoming open and accepting to the phase is more than enough. (That would be waiting). Sometimes deeper, unpleasant feelings need to release first. (That would be restriction). Perhaps you go the Ah Ha! but are not sure that really is the Ah Ha! (That would be oscillating). And perhaps, landing perfectly, you get it the first time through. Whatever your experience is, if you approach it with an attitude of trust and faith, you can create a new reference point for yourself that will reflect throughout your entire life. The message? That you have your own brilliance and genius about life that is yours to enjoy personally and yours to share with the world.

Note: Negative imprinting is defined as anything that does not support your soul’s growth and expression of purpose. It may not necessarily be a negative for anyone else.

2nd Note: Crystalline Consciousness Technique is the modality used for creating this healing meditation.

Please share in comments how the meditation went for you. Pregnant moms-to-be, this should be a fabulous meditation for ensuring an easy birth. (Hmmm, I think I know someone…Oh wait! that would be my daughter.


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