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The Field of Intent

If you are consciously working with the Law of Attraction to create what you want in your life, it’s important to know that your mind isn’t the creator per se. There is a field of energy that responds to your thoughts and puts into motion the act of creation. Once you get the distinction that some other force is creating your intentions, you might wonder, of what need is your mind? The job of the mind is to develop discernment about what you do want. Trust me, it’s a full time job.

This field of energy that responds to your intention and sets in motion the act of creation is a field of consciousness, it has awareness and intelligence. Hence, I’ve given it a name: The Field of Intent. Here are some important pointers for working with the Field of Intent.

  1. The Field of Intent responds to the vibrational aspects of your intentions. Every thought, random or consciously intentional, is vibrational by nature.
  2. This field is very literal. We often speak with implied assumptions. An example is the the woman who intended a beloved partner but didn’t specify that he not be married. Almost immediately she met a very special man… who was married. When creating intentions, be literal, very literal.
  3. The Field of Intent responds more quickly when you demonstrate your own commitment to what you are intending. The biggest level of commitment is an action. It doesn’t have to be a big action but it should be immediate. If your intention is to get in shape, stand up from the couch and do 5 jumping jacks. If you are a procrastinator, your vibrational message to the Field of Intent is that you are not committed to your intention. If you aren’t committed, why should the universe be?
  4. The field is completely neutral. There is no judgment about your intentions. If you intend harm to another person, the field will respond to that intention as equally as one where you intend abundance for yourself. There is, however, the Law of Karma that insures you reap what you sow.
  5. You must be balanced in giving and receiving to be able to manifest with the Field of Intent. As you will experience with the meditation below, the field responds to your stated intention by immediately sending it back energetically. If you don’t receive it, you have negated your own intention.

Try the following meditation to get a sense of the Field of Intent and of the vibrational impact of words with this field.

Take several deep, slow breaths and come into your body with your awareness. Take a moment and just notice body sensations…where is there tightness, pain, openness, fluidity, heat, coolness? State “I intend to consciously perceive the Field of Intent and my words as vibrational energy. I ask to calibrate my senses of sight, sound and touch to this field.” Place your awareness in front of you about 5 feet. In a very neutral way begin to observe what is there. Now, state a word, such as “love” and send it to the Field of Intent as a vibration. Imagine that you are lobbing the vibration of love over to the Field of Intent like a ping pong ball in slow motion. As the Field receives the vibration, a corresponding energy comes back to you. It is the same vibration of love that you sent out. Receive it through the lower part of your body (from the solar plexus down). Wait until you feel a shift. Try sending and receiving the vibration of any of these words: acknowledgement, support, appreciation, balance, growth, wealth, abundance.

Now try this: Send out the vibration of “I intend to increase my earnings by $100″ and then receive it back. Wait for the shift and observe how that feels. Make the same statement and change the amount to $100,000. Again, observe. Try $1,000,000 and observe. As you observe, pay attention to how (or if) you receive the vibration fully within yourself. If you don’t feel you are, wait patiently with the expectation of being able to receive fully what you intend. Don’t do anything else until you feel the shift.

Try one of your own intentions. Change the wording slightly and see if it feels better or not. As you complete the meditation, notice how you feel now concerning your intention. Is there a sense of completeness as though you already have what you intend? A sense of certainty that this will manifest physically in the appropriate time? Or perhaps a sense of greater clarity about what it is you are wanting in your life? Continue with other intentions, until you get the right vibration of words.

The Field of Intent Meditation

After working with the above meditation for myself, here’s what I came up with:

“I intend and receive support, acknowledgement and $10,000 a month through my blog.”

Let me know, how you do with the meditation or if you have any questions about how to do it.

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  • Ahaa yes,the gods want us all to be rich and healthy
    in order to spend more time praising them for all their kindness toward us. 60% of the world is poor hungry and homeless. Ask a hungry child to sit and place their awareness in front of them about 5 feet, imagine their next meal and see if it comes true. More metaphysical bull crap. The few have,the masses have not. When you receive your first million from your blog, try feeding some hungry children since your Field of Intent is so wealthy.Remember the Law of Karma.

  • I am so pleased to have stumbled upon this site. I tried the meditation using the phrase, “I intend to increase my earnings by $100″ and increasing the amounts. I was pleased to notice that as the mounts increased up to 1,000,000$, the vibrations increased in intensity. I also tried a few other intentions and I did feel the vibrations. It is interesting to note that I have always felt the vibrations when choosing my reality; I never knew what was happening. This is an interesting explanation.

  • This is almost how Casteneda explains it or more correctly, Don Juan. There are exercises(physical) that can be practiced to stir up energy for intent and build the energy of intent.

  • In response to Farce of Intent…thank you! With your flaming comment, I’m now an official blogger.FYI: I am a financial supporter of heifer.org, a fantastic organization dedicated to eradicating hunger in the world. Sorry to disappoint you, I didn’t wait till I made a million to contribute to them.


  • In response to Farse of Intent.
    It is unfortunate that 60% of the world is hungery, poor and homeless. The reason this seems so tragic is that most of us believe we are the most important creatures in the universe and that any such suffering is an outrage and must be blamed on something, usually other people or an angry and vengeful god. We are simply bound to the unbending laws of nature. Fish intuitively never populate more than a their habitat can sustain. If they do, nature will even itself out one way or another. It is a very nice thought and compassionate gesture to give food and money to starving people. Though history has shown that when starving people are fed they gather enough strength to have sex and make more starving people. The world is exactly as it should be. It is just as we created it to be. There are starving, homeless people on this planet because as a whole we’ve agreed that the laws of nature do not apply to us. If this seems cold and insensitive then perhaps it’s because we feel superior to a fish.

  • This is an amazing article! It shows such a wonderful understanding of how the Law of Attraction works with a greater understanding of the greater universal laws…

    You may be interested in my article, 7 Facts You Need to Know Before Using The Secret Law of Attraction, available at the link below:



  • Farce and Gilo,

    It takes the honest intent of many people combined to cause change on the scale of feeding millions of starving people. We all know that if everyone’s combined, honest intent was to feed the whole world, it would be done.

    The problem is that most people would rather intend to make $100,000 a year with a blog than intend to get a bunch of peoples’ awarenesses together and create a common reality.

  • Hi Mono,
    Thanks for your input. I don’t know about “most” people, but I do know for myself that besides supporting my family, I am growing an organization that does exactly what you stated…getting a bunch of people’s awareness together and creating a common reality. In particular, my bunch of people are dedicated to making a difference in the world by transforming the energy of groups. Check it out at http://www.ccthealing.com

    A couple of things to note is that the CCT organization supports http://heifer.org for eradicating hunger and offers scholarships to anyone from third world countries who wish to make a difference in their community.

    abundant blessings,

  • Sometimes it is good to just stay quiet “Farce of Intent”and let the conversations flow.Your anger and resentment is judgemental. There are actually websites avalible, as there are writing, studys,etc. written by the scientific field that would calm your heart and you would understand all is as it should be. We are in the midst of a world shift. The mind set of our ansestors is leaving. When you meditate, the next time,try going to a high place away from the vibrations of the city or town you live in. Relax and just be still, allow the ground you are sitting on to blend with your energy.The only way I can explain it, is like having pnemonia,the coughing and not being able to breath. Then as you get better it begins to clear up. We are probably just realizing there is a solution to this sickness.
    I am sorry I do not believe I caught what it is; your contribution ? Even being a prayer warrior is a contribution and as you pray you will be caught up in the vibrations of a celestial chorus,you will never be the same!
    So this field of intent is almost like the hero in a story because we live in this physical world there are laws of nature put in place.So if the whole world is starving, hungry ,homeless; then how any of us help is beyond me. By the way it is the goverment of each country that allows this to go on. Do you remember the people who went to afganistan area? They brought international aid and they were killed for that! The people were starving but there was nothing to do!Hey great leadership. The minds of confusion. Thanks Cynthia (sunshine)