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The Essence of Horse | classes with gia combs-ramirez

Join me (and a herd of horses) for an unforgettable retreat!

As a kid I spent my summers on the back of a horse, galloping through meadows, streams and mountains. Unfortunately, I find at my current age that kind of activity a bit painful on my body….and I’ve missed my connection with horses. Recently the essence of Horse has been speaking to me, asking me to bring Crystalline Consciousness Technique™ to the horses on the ranch where I live. What a joy and delight that has been as I rediscover the spiritual connection of oneness with Horse. Now, I’m ready to share it with any of you that might like to learn energy healing and animal communication. As we work with the healing energies with horses, they work with us. The result is nothing less than magical.

The 3 day retreat is worth it even if you don’t have a horse in your own back yard. From your own inner transformation to taking home a skill that can be used for dogs, cats, and even human animals, this retreat is going to be life/soul changing.

Here is the info on this class:

Healing Horses | Healing Yourself

A Crystalline Consciousness Technique ™ Class in

Animal Communication and Energy Healing

Aug 5-7

Ennis, Montana

9:30-4:30 each day

As you work with horses, they work with you:

  • Discover your own freedom and right use of power
  • Heal that which is restricting you on your spiritual path
  • Discover how to stand in your own power within a group (herd)
  • Develop animal communication
  • Receive horse guidance for creating meaningful, heart-based relationships
  • Create deep bonds of understanding between yourself and any horse
  • Learn a healing technique that helps horses and other animals
  • Work with horses to help children or humans with learning disabilities and challenges
  • Bring your own horse or learn with one of ours
  • Price: $525

Register and get:

1st Bonus worth $75!

A free homestudy course of CCT Level 1: Creating a Crystalline Energy Field for Protection, Connection and Support.

Upon registering you’ll be taken to a page for downloading this course.

2nd Bonus!

Receive 3 activations via 3 teleconference calls before the class so that we can start working right away on the horses!

Click, register and pay now!

Need a payment plan? Email me to be invoiced for two payments of $265.

For more information: giacramirez(at)gmail.com


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  • Wish i could take this class – sounds wonderful.

  • I would love to attend your class.

  • Sounds wonderful! Please let me know if you plan to schedule another class in the future, I live in Maryland and am having a difficult time finding anything like this locally. If you would have any knowledge of something closer, I would appreciate the info.


  • Hi Colleen, I’ll be hosting a couple classes here in Montana next summer, and one in Oregon in April.