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The End of the Blogosphere

Blog ApocolypseIn one stunning moment, a comet slammed into the Blogosphere rendering hundreds of millions of people instantly dumb. As they sat in front of their blank monitors, they slowly became aware of their other senses. They could hear the wind through the galaxy and the stars singing in the universe. Arising on their almost defunct appendages known as legs, people began to exit their computer cubicles and walk (albeit shakily) outside. As the shock wore off, exbloggers began dancing in the streets crying praises to the comet that had ended their enslavement. It was a new and timely chapter in human history.

This sci-fi post was inspired by Albert Fong. For every apocolypse blog that is written and linked to him he will donate $1 to charity (up to $500). He’s chosen the Salvation Army, but I think he should give to some charity that deals with eye problems, cause it’s obvious that bloggers in the future will not only have no legs, but poor eyesight as well. If you’re reading this, then you’ve been tagged and are invited to join in. Just link yourself to me and to Albert and write your idea of what your last post might be. I was invited by Lexi Sundell from Energies of Creation. As for me I’ll be donating to Albert for his incredible creativity.

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  • For the first time in history, blogging and the internet allow everyday citizens to bypass the filters of corporate news and our two-party political system. Hopefully those who are empowering themselves in this brave new world have already taken time to connect with the natural environment so they have something worthwhile to contribute to the power base.