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The Effects of Drugs on the Energy System

Both recreational and prescription drugs can have a negative effect on the energy system. Without healing these effects, other systems of the body can end up becoming stressed and lose their energetic protection and communication with other systems. This will eventually lead to a break down in integrity and whatever weak link might be in the DNA will begin to manifest. Below are some of the common drugs used and their energetic effects:

Cocaine: This drug blows open the third eye allowing in too much psychic energy and information. When the third eye is blown open, out of right timing, we lose our psychic protection and can be accessed by all sorts of undesirable energetic entities. It also fragments the energetic unity of the connective tissue of the body. The meridian system resides within the connective tissue of the body and when fragmented doesn’t allow for energy to easily move throughout the body. Unless some form of energetic work is brought in the damages from cocaine are permanent.

Marijuana: The plant energy of marijuana comes through very strongly with this drug. Generally drugs that retain their connection to the original plant energy are better for the energetic system than synthetically produced drugs. Marijuana can disorient or detach the sense of “me” (or identity) from the body which leads to the paranoia factor some people experience. For others it helps them deal with certain body symptoms from other illnesses or drugs. Marijuana has no long term affect on the energetic system of the body accept for undesirable energetic entitities that can come from dealing with drug dealers.

Ecstacy: This drug affects the outer levels of the energy field, opening it up to undesirable energies and entities. Although it’s known for opening the heart, it is not a true energetic opening. It causes disorientation throughout the body/mind so that it can no longer discern what is a truth or not.

Antidepressants: These drugs actually depress the entire energetic system. When energy is depressed it no longer expands, but is restrained. Some antidepressants seem to work by not allowing a person to feel much of anything. Although it’s possible, it’s very hard to work with the energy system of a person who is using antidepressants. There are many causes for depression and many of those causes respond to energy work. Antidepressants are good used as a short term measure while the underlying energetic causes are released. Please note: Only a doctor may determine whether you should stay on or get off of antidepressants. This post is looking at the effect of antidepressants from an energetic perspective not an emotional or biological persperctive.

Morphine: A derivative of heroin, this drug is helpful for when people are in a dying process as it disconnects the soul from the body. It can leave an imprint on the soul however, that will show up in the next lifetime as drug addictions. The good news here is that someone with a heroin addiction can have pastlife energy work to release any imprints from this drug. Someone who has died can also have energy work to release the affects of morphine from their spiritual blueprint.

Chemotherapy: Energetically chemotherapy works by disconnecting all cells from vital life force energy, which is what cancer cells live on. The only thing sustaining a person using chemotherapy is their spiritual energy. A person who has a strong connection to their soul will do better on chemotherapy then someone who doesn’t know her spiritual nature. Energy work helps minimize the damage caused by chemotherapy and down plays the side effects.

A client who I’ll call Elena, came to me for energy work. She was overall a jumpy, irritable person who had a hard time being in a crowd of people. She had the energy fields of a person who had used cocaine, which she confirmed when I asked her about it. Elena had used cocaine a lot in her 20s and it had been over 15 years since she had stoped using the drug. Her energy systems however, were still in need of repair. After a series of sessions her energetic system was healed and restored. One of the consequences of the drug, however, was that her third eye was used to being open, bringing her a lot of psychic information. I showed her how to work with that information so that it could be a blessing for her instead of a curse. She began to enjoy herself more and began to explore large gatherings such as openings to art exhibits.

Once we are aware that we are energetic beings as well as physical, we can begin to make better choices about what drugs to use to help us in our healing.

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  • I’ve never read or considered before the energetic effects of drugs…

    It certainly makes me wonder about the effect my past drug use has had on my energetic body.

    I’d be interested to know what effect magic mushroomns and LSD have.


  • LSD expands all of the psychic centers very quickly. In fact I’d say it “blows” them open. For many people this opened their awareness to the multidimensional universe that we live in and the connection between all things. That, I think is a positive. The downside can be that the blowing open of psychic centers, like kundalini rising suddenly, can be too much for the mind and managing this new awareness can be overwhelming. You look like you’ve integrated it pretty nicely.

    Magic mushrooms, I’m not as familiar with, but because they are natural, along with such hallucinogens (sp?) as peyote and ayahuasca they don’t damage the energy fields. Ayahuasca in particular seems to really connect certain people (if they are chosen) to plant consciousness. When I perceive that very distinct vibration in people’s field, I know without them telling me that they’ve had an ayahuasca experience.


  • Hi gia
    Thank you for the information. What do you know about the effect of amphetamine use?


  • Hi Helle,
    Similar to LSD, this drug overstimulates the 3rd eye energy center making it too open. Weirdly it creates a lot of hyperactivity in the brain and this seems to counter out brains that are hyperactive on their own. Because the amphetamines are an unnatural stimulant as soon as a person comes off from them the energy fields collapse and the “euphoria” is replaced with depression. Long term use of them actually look like they inhibit the brain from releasing the “bliss” chemicals on its own.