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The 2008 Energy Reading Report—Winter

This is the second of a five part series. It involves information that I gathered from my guides about the upcoming year and the changes that we are going through in this time of transformation. For more information about this unique time in planetary history please read the post “We’re Headed for Evolution of  Consciousness” and read Carl Johan Calleman’s book, “The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness.” The methods used to secure this information is not based on traditional astrology but tools from Crystalline Consciousness Technique.

Winter Solstice to Spring Equinox: Embrace change and the new opportunities it brings
In the first three months (beginning on Dec 21), the three major themes of planetary consciousness that will become more apparent are governed by Neptune, Pluto and the Sun. These three themes are:

  • Hidden forces that are affecting us come into mass awareness. Especially affected are churches and governments.
  • As more strife erupts on the planet people begin to perceive how throwing more oil (military) on the fire is not going to help.
  • Shifting and weakening magnetic grids affect all forms (including businesses, relationships, organizations), weather, and migration patterns (both humans and animals).

During this time, Neptune will help in revealing that which is hidden, bringing up disturbing information into mass awareness. This precipitates people falling out of trust with their governments, churches, and other organizations that have been out of integrity or not empowering. Instead people will turn to their local communities, creating empowered structures at local levels.

This planet will enhance the strife in already unstable countries, notably in Africa but other smaller countries as well, throughout the world. The dynamic being played out is the war between the forces that don’t want humans to awaken with the evolutionary force that is insisting on awakening and transformation of humanity. This force will not be denied.

The sun appears during this time to have an anomaly that limits its radiation. One affect could be a colder than normal winter in the northern climes and less potency for crops in southern climes. This “less radiation affect” is a signal that activates deeply coded information held in the Earth. The coded information is that it is time for a new order or evolutionary point to emerge. The magnetic grids which are affected by the magnetics of the sun continue to shift and weaken, affecting weather patterns and the migration patterns of animals (including people). Animals not normally seen in certain areas may randomly appear while people may relocate in non specific trends. Weakening magnetic grids helps form dissolve that no longer supports the direction of Earth’s evolution.

Group Trends in Three Areas:

  • Health: Throughout group energy, there is a veil that is drawn over the 3rd eye and head. People don’t want to know or to accept the changes that are coming. This is from the past when humanity experienced great shifts during global events such the plague or other traumatic events. There is a collective guilt in mass consciousness that is unresolved from these times. Those who are unwilling to resolve this throughout group energies will experience greater immune system problems and energetic congestion in the head area.
  • Wealth: Those who align to the energies of growth and change will find many opportunities for creating monetary abundance. This form of abundance will reflect the new energies of empowerment where money exchange between two individuals increases both individuals’ abundance. Those who stay aligned to old paradigms of structures, money and misuse of power will find their money and influence waning.
  • Relationships: With the influence of the sun on Earth’s magnetics, relationships will also be affected as the bonds of human connections weaken. Many will feel adrift and lose their sense of “home.” Weakening bonds and weaking magnetic grids are necessary for the tremendous amount of change in form that the planet is undergoing. If one recognizes the opportunity presented at this time for tremendous inner growth, accepts responsibility and takes action for that growth, then the soul contracts between individuals and families will be enough to hold relationships together.

This information reflects a reading of group energy. Each individual will be uniquely affected by the energy of 2008. To find out how you will be affected (and to smooth out potential rough spots) get an individual energy reading report for 2008. Check here for more information.

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