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The 2008 Energy Reading Report—Summer

This is the fourth of a five part series. It involves information that I gathered from my guides about the upcoming year and the changes that we are going through in this time of transformation. For more information about this unique time in planetary history please read the post “We’re Headed for Evolution of Consciousness” and read Carl Johan Calleman’s book, “The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness.” The methods used to secure this information is not based on traditional astrology but tools from Crystalline Consciousness Technique.

Summer Solstice to Fall Equinox: Root deeply into the planetary magnetics

The sun’s full force returns, just in time for summer. The planetary shifting which was brewing during the winter, then took a respite in the spring, also returns full force. A full scale energetic war erupts as those forces wanting to control and dominate turn on each other. This doesn’t necessarily mean a war in the physical realm. Because it is affecting mental energy so much, it could very well be a war of words. The good news is that the emerging empowerment of the people is overlooked and continues to rise without hindrance. The three astrological influences that counterbalance this turbulent time are Venus, the moon, and Jupiter.


During the summer, when the Sun’s energy is so predominant, Venus holds stellar information that balances the overpowering sun energy. When the sky finally starts to darken after a long day, tuning into Venus’s energy can quickly help balance and renew energies. Venus’ energies are like a balm or a cool wash cloth on the forehead for an overheated mind. Venus, as well as the moon and Jupiter, holds a strong energy of the blueprint for the future so that humanity doesn’t get lost in the intensity of letting go of deep-seated patterns having to do with planetary cataclysmic events in other times.


The moon is actually a reflection of the Earth. Sometimes she reflects the subconscious planetary consciousness back to humanity. During this time of irrational mental reactivity, the moon reflects the rational, thinking mind found in the frontal lobe. The wisdom of philosophers such as Plato, Aristotole, Emerson and others balances the flood of  mob mentality at this time, helping in the “re-membering” of societies and governments.


The beginning of the summer will be quite tumultuous, but by September the new order and organization will have fully emerged. Although there will be smaller flare-ups or adjustments between now and 2011/2012, the bulk of the work will be accomplished by now. The old paradigm energies out of alignment with the new era, will find it harder and harder to exist. Planetary consciousness must surrender to this new dawn. If there is true surrender, then stillness and peace will be felt. If it is a default surrender, then the group energy will be one of “giving up” and hopelessness and despair will be felt.

Group Trends in 3 Areas:

  • Health: The arms must be protected as the carriers of the heart energy. Consciously extending heart energy into whatever physical work is being done will protect the heart from over exertion. By grounding deeply into the magnetics of the planet, the spleen will be protected from exhaustion. Finally, Jupiter may expand anything out of alignment so that the conscious mind may observe it to release or shift it.
  • Wealth: Summer is an important time to link what one loves in service work with one’s financial work. The power struggle over who will control money on the planet takes out the factors that are in conflict, allowing the new level of people empowerment, not militarized organizations, to arise. New type of financial institutions begin to be emerge.
  • Relationships: Heart-based relationships and partnering energy  will  have strong  support this summer. Love communicated through sensual pleasure will help in rooting deeply in the magnetics. Balanced giving and receiving of love, deepens relationship trust.

Coming soon: Fall 2008—Return to core essence

This information reflects a reading of group energy. Each individual will be uniquely affected by the energy of 2008. To find out how you will be affected (and to smooth out potential rough spots) get an individual energy reading report for 2008. Check here for more information.

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