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The Role of the Emotional Body in The Shift | Part One

I’ll be honest. I never thought I’d be teaching a class about Emotional Body Healing and Emotional Mastery. Why? Because there are a lot of other great classes out there that are already teaching emotional mastery. I’ve long had a standing rule…if I can’t add something new to the conversation, I won’t be talking just to hear myself talking!

It took my guides about 3 months to convince me to create a class. That’s very slow in my world of listening and responding to my guides. If I’d been operating from my new and improved emotional body (which I’m just now getting!), my response time would have been much faster.

The info from my guides in a nutshell is this:

We need a new and improved emotional body to help us in the next two years to be able to easily assimilate the high vibrational energies that are already streaming on to the planet from the center of the galaxy.

Like the shields on the Star Trek Enterprise, our emotional body will be protecting our physical, mental and spiritual/energetic bodies during this time.

In part, this is because we can’t stop doing what we are doing down here and retreat to our bomb shelters or pull the covers over our heads (i.e. a completely defended energetic body), during this time. We all have contracts to be here, right now to help balance and stabilize these energies so that we don’t go back to a life and civilization reset. We’ve done that before but we’re NOT doing that this time.

What is this incoming energy exactly from the center of the galaxy? It is high vibrational particles that are informing the planet for the next phase of evolution of life. This energy carries information and to be able to assimilate it and access this information, the Earth and our own vibrational state must increase to the same level as these particles. That is going to take a while (basically it’s 26,000 years of information, as that’s how long it takes to come back around to this same place of alignment on the galactic equator). The planet’s water element will be helping to slow down the rate of assimilation in balance with all of the other elements and life.

Gaia has been getting ready by increasing the amount of fluid water that she has (water has an ability to absorb a tremendous amount of energy before heating up). In a weird kind of way, our recent nuclear and oil disasters have helped in this as we have been sending tremendous amount of healing to the water element of the planet. (I look forward to a time when we don’t have to create a crisis to shift our consciousness).

Our emotional bodies are our own oceans. Right now we need to melt our emotional ice caps, clean up areas of toxic sludge, and release old trauma and shock from our water/emotional body memory so that we can joyfully dance with the incoming energy instead of shutting down.

In my next two posts, I’ll be sharing info about how the emotional body interacts with the physical, mental and spiritual/energetic bodies (unless my guides bring in more info like they did today!)

And if it resonates for you, join me for a very exciting, fun and profound class on April 23 as we heal and bring in new components for the emotional body. Let’s dance!  https://scienceofenergyhealing.com/products/mastering-emotions/

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  • Emotional trauma best healed at the cellular level of DNA. When healing energy can reach this level unconscious beliefs, images, and memories dissolve. Then stress reduces and the immune system comes back on line functioning normal.