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Reinventing Myself

Crystalline Energy SystemI’m in the business of transformation, also known as personal and spiritual growth. I believe it’s our number one priority and form of expression on the planet. We’re here to experience and learn from life on Earth. It’s also a great way to improve your relationships, increase your financial abundance and achieve vital health and well-being. It’s a cool fact..by focusing on changing within, what you most want in your life will show up in the environment around you.

This process of transforming from within and expressing that into the world is creative and joyful for me. Life becomes a magical adventure in flow with the Universe and my Higher Self.

Because of this, I reinvent the parameters of my work every now and then. In the 1980s, I left what I was doing (managing a guest ranch) and became a massage therapist. In the 1990s, I left massage therapy to dedicate myself to just energy healing. In the mid 2000s, I focused my energy healing primarily with Crystalline Consciousness Technique™, a cutting edge modality that I’ve been developing since 2004.

Now, after one of the most wonderful summers of my life I’m ready to shift my work again…

Before I announce my new focus and direction, though, let me provide a little context for your better understanding why this is so important to me. In my work with transformation and the importance of transformative healing and creating, I stumbled upon a new human energy system that has been developing on the planet for the past 30 years. It first came in with the children known as the Indigos, Crystalline, and Rainbows to name a few. The Crystalline Energy System, though, is a new potential for all humans and it is a big game changer. When it’s in place we can communicate multidimensionally, accelerate learning and healing, and rapidly bring new levels of consciousness to a world that needs to change quickly.

In December of 2012, the planet went through her own transformation and developed a Crystalline Energy System as well. Having the planet match us energetically is another huge game changer. We can wait to shift spontaneously or get on the transformation band wagon now. I voted for “now” in 2004 and my life has developed in positive ways I couldn’t ever have imagined.

It’s difficult to describe the before and after of this new energy system. If you don’t  have it, it’s hard to imagine what it’s like with one. If you have it, you wouldn’t trade it in for even a ginormous lottery win. It’s like trying to explain coffee or chocolate to someone who has never tasted either. Only until you experience them can you understand why people love the flavors.

In further blog posts I will attempt to create a list for “how do you know if you have a crystalline energy system,” but for now I just want to share the decision that will shape my work in the future. From here on, I will only be working with those who have a Crystalline Energy System. Why is this so important? Because those with a Crystalline Energy System are able to communicate not only consciously with me but also energetically with me. The difference is like interacting with others including perhaps the creators of a movie as you watch it on streaming video with super fast internet connection to watching a movie on the old system of VHS tapes (some of you may not know what those are!) It’s like hitting the brakes after traveling 90 mph on a freeway with no traffic.

Those with a Crystalline Energy System have unique challenges. I’ve been studying these challenges for the past 9 years. I’m a bit of a Crystalline Energy System geek, actually. There are plenty of great energy healers and energy coaches out there but few who know how to work with the Crystalline Energy System. So I’m dedicating my work to those who have a Crystalline Energy System.

My blog posts, sessions and classes will now be focused on the new human energy system and how to work with it.

No need to feel left out! If you haven’t developed a Crystalline Energy System yet, I will be developing a special energy meditation for you to listen to that will activate your Crystalline Energy System. If you want to stop there, I honor that choice. But it’s really just the starting place of a wonderful new adventure. I hope you’ll be joining me in the coming months to learn about how to work with it.

It’s like Clark Kent suddenly discovering his Superman Powers! (Except we don’t have to wear the dorky costume :)

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  • Big news. Congrats! You’ve always been such a great example of someone who actively and passionately pursues life and growth. Right on!!!


  • I love this post. So much of it resonates for the time we are in the joy that surrounds us the Light quality. For me, I feel like reinventing is reinvesting in my hearts desire. And most of all I learn so much about myself by observing others. The part I can struggle with is allowing myself to change with an ease that seems so easy for others.