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Reading Energy vs Psychic Abilities

If you pay attention to subtle energy, your psychic abilities naturally increase. The past 15 years I have seen an increase in clairsentience (feeling what others are feeling), clairaudience (hearing guides, angels), and clairvoyance (seeing beyond physical form). I opened slowly to these gifts allowing me to understand how they work, how they can get out of balance, and how the brain interpretation centers affect all of our perceptions.

The brain interpretation centers are informed by all level of senses (near, far and higher), but the brain also informs the senses about what to perceive. Because I was opening slowly to my innate gifts and also helping my son, who is clairsentient as well as clairvoyant, work with his own gifts and challenges, I developed an amazing amount of information about how all of these senses help us and can challenge us.

If our sensory mechanisms become dysfunctional our brains will become extremely disoriented, not able to know what is “real” or imaginary. At the same time, our senses are meant to develop and open to the higher senses of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. When we uncover or discover the ability to perceive beyond 3D form our joy in life expands exponentially for some part of us always remembers that we had these skills.

But while these psychic gifts were unfolding for me, a different gift was always there. I studied other books to see which category of psychic abilities it falls under only to discover it’s not considered a psychic ability. In fact I’m not sure what category it is because no one talks about it. I’ve always called it “reading energy.” For a long time I was puzzled about it because what seemed so natural to me wasn’t obvious to others.

Reading energy for me comes as naturally as breathing. Among other things this odd ability lets me trace a form back to its energetic source. This includes thoughts and words as well as actions. Whereas the psychic abilities lets a person get information from guides or the higher self, reading energy allows a person to find the information already located in her field.  Reading energy is seated in the body and independent of the brain interpretation centers. It never goes “down” such as psychic abilities can do. It also never overwhelms me with too much information or makes me too sensitive in a crowd.

Perhaps one of the biggest differences between psychic perceptions and reading energy is that the latter also lets you communicate to the energetic source that you are reading. Now many people may argue with me and tell me they talk with their guides all the time but what is really happening is an elaborate translation that the brain does. Speaking energy then, is like learning a new language that shortcuts the need for translation.

Reading and speaking energy is metaphysical by nature. You begin to perceive the truth of this world in its entirety not just the mental construct of the world. Before I understood that I was reading energy, someone would make a statement which I knew was wrong or wouldn’t get the results they were hoping for (because of reading energy) and I would state what the truth was. I was often asked…how do you know that? Answering, “I don’t know how I know,” never seemed to convince anyone of anything!

One of the great things about reading energy is that I don’t have to mentally understand something to know if it is a good step or the right direction for me. I’m not dependent on my brain interpretation centers to get it right, or to not edit the info in some way I’m not aware of. If the energy is there…it’s always the right step.

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  • One thing I’ve never understood is what the difference between empathy and clairsentience is; they both involve picking up others’ feelings. Is it just different words with the same meaning?

    – Michelle

  • That is a really good question, Michelle. Being empathic is one of the aspects of clairsentience. But clairsentience also can include sensing Earth changes. Some people are so clairsentient they can hardly function during Earthquakes and the shifting of magnetic grids…oh that would be now!

  • Thanks for the clarification – I didn’t know that clairsentience involved earth shifts. That is very interesting!

    – Michelle