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Reading Energy Demo | MicJan

This reading energy demo was vibrationally very difficult. The energy of the person I was reading was deeply stuck and not moving. My own energy slowed down in response and that affected my ability to talk! Toward the latter half of the demo, energy started shifting and “whoosh” I was able to start speaking with greater clarity and insight as well. Here is the request that was sent to me:

Dear Gia

My question relates to ongoing/chronic pain that I have. I suspect that the pain isn’t medical in nature as all the tests have shown nothing wrong, yet I have had this pain for years and really don’t want it anymore. What changes do I need to make in my life – emotional, dietary, physical etc – or what energy do I need to clear so that I am able not to suffer from this pain anymore? And, how do I go about it if it is an energy problem?

Many thanks and much gratitude,

(Note: If you’ve received this by email you’ll need to visit https://scienceofenergyhealing.com to see/hear my video response).

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  • Dear gia,

    I have received something from each energy reading you’ve done…no big surprise there. You are giving a huge gift to all of us and all we need to do is receive it, if the shoe fits. Thank you for being in service to all of us.

    Peace and love,

  • Thank you, Lin! It’s an equal blessing for me.

  • I was truly touched by this. Just being with her pain and holding a space for it in the vibration of compassion was elegant…no pushing…no trying to figure it our or analyze it. Absolutely perfect Thank you.