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Raise Your Vibration

Just when I’m staring at the “write a post” screen waiting for inspiration to strike, it does! An invitation by the ultimate creative blogger, Lexi Sundell, for the High Vibes Game, sharing our top five ways to raise our vibrations. At OptimistLab, you’ll find all of the rules and regs. As all the great memes do, it does more than just provide me with inspiration. It also promotes link love (my favorite posts at the bottom of the page) as well as the news sharing site called high Vibe it.

My top five ways to raise my vibration are….wait a minute! Why would you want to raise your vibration anyway? Here are my top five reasons:

  1. Allows me to communicate with my guides.
  2. Aligns me with my highest good in any situation.
  3. Easier to manifest in a dense 3-D world.
  4. Activates synchronicity in my life.
  5. Allows me to stay in joy, peace and contentment.

My current top five ways to raise my vibration are:

  1. A good friend who supports my posts.
  2. Joining a meme that is fun and creative.
  3. Writing a new post.
  4. Belly laughing.

And the top way to raise my vibration is….(drum roll please)
5. Meditation.

And here are my favorite posts today:

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  • Gia, it is interesting that you mention synchronicity as a reason. I guess synchronicity has a really important place in your life. I would be interested to hear from you in how you integrate this phenomenon in your framework. It might look like it also motivates your acts as you list it as a reason. Lots of good question can come out of this, lots of whys and hows…

  • Gia,

    What a fun, creative, take on the game! I love your list–and thanks for pointing out how participating in a meme like this can be one of those vibration raising things. This was one of my original intents for the game, so I’m loving that you mentioned it. :)

    Cardin Lilly

  • Hi Attila,
    Thank you for your thoughtful comment.

    I think for some people, synchronicity is a bit magical, but for me it’s about the scientific law of right timing. There are many timing cycles that influence us including internal ones (when the heart is out of timing it’s called disrythmia) and external ones such as planetary influences.

    For most of my life, I’ve been “out of timing.” I’m not sure what made me out of timing..karma? head injuries? traumatic birth experience? but by being out of timing I had all kinds of intense experiences such as our house burning down, near death experiences, going broke, etc.

    Through energy work (and a lot of personal development/growth) I was able to synchronize synchronize my internal rhythms with external ones so that my life lessons and growth weren’t so traumatic. It also ensures success in my endeavors when I’m in right timing.

    Hope this answered your questions a little bit…. gia