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If you’ve ever felt Frustrated

by the circumstances in your life or business;


in figuring out what the best direction for you is;


from your inner self and the external world...

I can help you.


How does an Energy Reading Session with gia help?

  • Get your subconscious in alignment with your conscious awareness: No more self-sabotage!
  • Receive information from realms beyond the 3D realm and connect vibrationally with your Guides and Higher Self: Feel the support!
  • Know exactly which is the best way forward: No more wasting money on programs that don’t serve YOU!
  • Check and correct for energy weaknesses that could lead to illness: The return of your vital well-being!
  • Transform your self, your business, your relationships: Build on your prior successes!
  • Discover your spiritual gifts and how to use them effectively: They are meant to create joy in your life!
  • Remove invisible blocks that are getting in the way of your success: Find out how the Universe is conspiring for your success!
  • Step into your life purpose: But only if you are ready for easy and doing it YOUR way!


Check out my “gia” page to read more about what areas of your life and business I excel at transforming.

What happens in an Energy Reading Session?

The short story is that we have two conversations…one is with your conscious awareness and the other is with your energetic self. If they are on the same page, you will experience the joy and power of your authentic life. In our session as you speak about what you are being challenged with, I am reading the source of that challenge. I use energy protocols (see below) to release, transform, or shift the challenge. The results are immediate and lasting. (Note: For most of my sessions, I book one session at a time versus a block of sessions. This is because your timing and your unique situation of transforming, healing or manifesting may need only one session).

Different sessions are listed below testimonials.


gia is an extraordinary energy reader. She has such a unique point of view from the development of this ability that she brings valuable and unexpected information with a high degree of clarity and accuracy. This is the result of a profound mastery of her abilities. To say that I have found her insight useful in my life is quite the understatement! Lexi Sundell, artist, writer, teacher http://riverstonegallery.com http://energiesofcreation.com/

I am a writer and met gia after I was given some mislabeled herbs to which my body had an adverse reaction. They essentially blew out my neurological and nervous system. The moment I met her, I knew I’d found the person who could create an individual healing system for my issues and help me recover. I was so impressed with how well Crystalline Consciousness Technique™ worked, I took Levels one through four! The techniques I learned from her are helpful for me in all kinds of situations and have created healing in my life in ways I could never imagine. During one session last year she suggested I write in a genre in which I’ve never written, Young Adult Science Fiction. From that one discussion, I began writing the Moa Series of books, “Moa,” “Statue of Ku,” and “Iron Shinto.” Writing these books has brought me such joy and gia’s support was extremely helpful! Tricia Shiu, author Twitter: http://twitter.com/tstewartshiu Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MoaBook

Wow! My sessions with gia were so enlightening! I didn’t know what to expect as this was the first time I had done any energy work. I was completely blown away by gia’s abilities! She helped me move through a situation in my business that I had been dreading and putting off for quite some time. With her help, I was able to remove the energy block and deal with the situation is a positive way so that the outcome was good for all involved. gia is simply a master at what she does! She’s able to dig into the heart of the situation in a gentle way, and help you work through clearing the energy so you can continue moving forward. I can’t recommend gia highly enough. Give her a try. You won’t regret it! In fact, you’ll wonder why you didn’t seek her out sooner. Cindy Hillsey: ZenHill Enterprises

2018 Energy Reading

What’s possible for you in 2018? What strategies will help you reach your highest potential? Available starting in January, 2018. Please pay here, then schedule here. Session last 60-75 min and is recorded for continued listening. Also includes the energy meditations for solstice and equinox.

Two Payments

Soul Purpose Energy Reading and Healing

Soul Purpose reading based on your “starry home family” and unique purpose is $300. Receive a healing meditation to repair soul damage. Session and Energy Healing is recorded for listening to again. Please pay here, then schedule here. Sessions last 60-75 min.

Transformative Healing

Initial Energy Reading and Transformative Healing Session (we move mountains!) is $300. Please pay here, then schedule here. Sessions last 60-75 min. Sessions focus on business, personal growth, relationships, etc. Recorded for listening to again.

Followup sessions are $200. Please pay here, then schedule here. Sessions last 60-75 min.

Tree of Life Healing Sessions

A series of 3 sessions for healing chronic physical issues; ancestral patterns (energetic genetics), and releasing blocks that you just can’t seem to access.

Please pay here for one payment ($650) or here for 3 payments ($699).

Then schedule the first session here . First session lasts 90 minutes, second and third last 60 minutes each.


Are you a Montana resident? Please inquire for my special Montana rate at ramblerg(at)mac.com.