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Oneness Blessing Adventures Continued

Note this is part of a series. It presents experiences and teachings, as I understood them, that I had at the Oneness Univeristy in August, 2007. To start at the beginning click here.

Meditation Hall” The beginning of any journey starts here. The end of any journey is here.” -Sri Bhagavan

More Suffering
On the third day of our process, we settled into our daily rhythm. Each day we met with one of our teachers at 7:30 a.m. and meditated or did yoga for an hour and a half (or so). We took a couple of hours for breakfast, then back in the meditation hall for our teachings until lunch around 2. The afternoon break was 2-3 hours long then back we went to the meditation hall, sometimes for a ceremony or more teachings. Almost every evening we meditated with the Cosmic Beings (or awakened ones).

Since we were in silence most of the time and undergoing a tremendous amount of energetic changes we mostly slept during our breaks. It was very hot and humid, so many of us stayed in our nicely air-conditioned dorm rooms.

The morning of the third day, I woke to my forehead being on fire. I had this red, fiery band right at the hairline. I don’t know what fire ants feel like but they couldn’t have been worse than this. I couldn’t tolerate my hair on my forehead so I used my Mexican handkerchief to tie my hair back, washer lady style. Going outside was extremely uncomfortable as the sun exaggerated the mini heat stroke that I was feeling.

My sense was that my system had overheated with the energy transmissions that we had begun to receive since being on the campus. I decided to see the doctor that was available to us. He was an Ayurvedic doctor, as well as an allopathic doctor. Ayurvedic medicine, one of the oldest medical systems on the planet, originated in India. It balances the three main doshas or elements of the body.

That night I went and waited at the doctor’s office but he never appeared. I was absolutely miserable that night. In my journal I wrote, “If this is Survivor (a TV reality show), vote me off!” I was ready to head home.

The next day I figured out the magic words to open the door to the kingdom. These words can be uttered anywhere in India and you’ll get an immediate response for help. “I am suffering!” I announced in my best Indian accent to the helpers. Although I was trying to keep it light, the intensity of my discomfort came through and the helpers made sure I saw the doctor that evening. He gave me calamine lotion (remember chicken pox?), an antihistamine, and antibiotics. So much for my big ayurvedic moment.

Nevertheless I finally started feeling better the following day.

Our Teachings
Our teacher/guide our first morning was Krishnaraj. What an amazing teacher he is. He brought crystal, clear thought with great energetic integrity and quietness to all that he was presenting. He wanted us to take in what he was saying and then later write down what we had remembered. They obviously had many hours of practice of retention in the oral fashion but we westerners were rather bad at it. We scribbled madly in our journals, while trying to look like we weren’t doing that!

On the first day of teachings Krishnaraj explained to us that over the next three weeks we would be:

  • Awakening the heart which would heal old hurts and provide freedom from the daily stresses of civilization.
  • Awakening to reality which would give us greater insights about how the mind works and release negative charges from our different personalities.
  • Awakening to the Higher Self which is also the Divine.

In later teachings we learned the Four Truths:

  • 90% of all suffering is caused by oneself
  • The outer world reflects the inner
  • Change the inner world and you change the external
  • As you feel, so shall it happen

The Four Keys needed to achieve the Four Truths are:

  • Self-Acceptance
  • Setting right my relationships including what others have done to me and what I have done to others
  • Prayer and the five steps to prayer: Be clear what you want/Love what you are asking for/Feel connected to the Divine/Ask and surrender/Express gratitude.
  • And receiving the Oneness Blessing for myself as well as giving it to others. The Oneness Blessing refers to the act of grace that is needed to transform the brain and consciousness. It is not something that we can do for ourselves, but only by a Divine spiritual energy. There are many forms of grace. In my own work I often use a technique called an Activation to achieve transformation through grace. And yes, we are all worthy of grace. It’s available to us and around us all the time.

Cosmic Beings
Each evening before breaking for dinner, we meditated with three to six highly-advanced, enlightened people or Cosmic Beings as they were referred to by our guides. Our guides told us that in their every day life these people were just like us but that when they went into a meditative state they went to such an altered state of consciousness they didn’t function well here. Hence they looked a bit like zombies when they entered the meditation hall, walking very slowly. Many seemed to be walking with their eyes closed and were led by our guides or teachers. They all had serene expressions on their faces. We were given different intentions for our meditations with them. It is known that meditating with others who are enlightened will help a person achieve an altered stated of consciousness more readily. We did achieve deep, altered states of meditation with the Cosmic Beings, who never uttered one word to us. They live entirely in service to humanity as they meditate daily for the well-being of all of us.

Intent Deekshas
Over the course of our 21 day process, we received four to five Intent Deekshas or Oneness Blessings which were used to help raise our vibration so that we could receive the initiation to be able to transmit the Oneness Blessing to others. These Intent Deekshas were powerful energetic events. Often after receiving one, I would return to my dorm room, fall asleep around 7 or 8 and sleep till 6 the next morning, without waking up once throughout the night. My own personal intentions with the Intent Deekshas were healing my body, healing my relationship with my father, and to receive the grace and blessing of AmmaBhagavan for bringing forth Crystalline Consciousness Technique in a powerful way.

Intent Deeksha was administered hands on. Our teachers or guides laid their hands on our heads and held it there for a while. Some people felt really good afterward, some felt bad as old things lifted out, and some felt nothing (hence some reports about Deeksha creating The Good, The Bad, and The Nothing). Giving the Oneness Blessing is a very joyful affair and some of the guides/teachers would laugh outloud as the joy and bliss consumed them.

After our first Intent Deeksha, I felt like there were major energetic shifts with all three of my intentions. I was excited about the process as it was unfolding. Little did I know that we were headed for a major disruption as the guides dropped a bombshell on us….

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  • You have wonderful talent as a writer. I like the pace of your storytelling. I love the simple Truths involved in raising our vibrations, resonate with Love. Surprizingly, the tactile element of peanut butter has stuck with me as even though it was seemingly insignificant to the Oneness Blessing. Funny how the storytelling devises anchor in the bigger message. Would love to see before & after.

  • It sounds like this whole experience was such a wonderful blessing to you. I will be forever grateful for everything that I have learned from my visits to India.