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Oneness Blessing Adventures—The Finale

Note: this is part of a series. It presents experiences and teachings, as I understood them, that I had at the Oneness University in August, 2007. To start at the beginning click here.

The Golden Temple“If you get to the kingdom, you need to get to know the king.” -Oneness University Guide

Initiation and Namaste

The last week involved opening more to the Divine. According to our guides, the Divine responds to us exactly as we imagine it. Is the Divine a loving friend? An authoritarian or dictator? It’s up to us to decide. What was most fascinating to me was that after we learned how to give the Oneness Blessing to others, I could perceive exactly what relationship each person had with the Divine. It came through so clearly in the quality of their touch. My relationship to the Divine was shown to me in a visual. Connecting personally with the Divine was exactly like racing bareback with my favorite horse, Pecos, across a beautiful green meadow. There was power, thrill, joy and oneness all in an instant.

Our initiation to give the Oneness Blessing was a deeply spiritual event followed by celebration as only the Oneness University could do. During the initiation, the energy was so palpable I went into a deep meditative state. Suddenly there was a flash of illumination. Was this enlightenment, I briefly wondered? Nope. It was all these people taking photos. Although cameras were prohibited, many people took pictures throughout the event to capture the energetic phenomena that occurs on the University when the Divine energy is very present—golden orbs of light throughout the room. At first it was annoying, then I just asked to go into a deeper state of altered consciousness, knowing I wouldn’t be bothered by it anymore.

Afterward we put on some great tunes and danced around the room. What an event! How could anything top this day, we all wondered? Yet we had five more days to our process.

The rest of the time we learned how to give the Oneness Blessing, what to expect when we got home, and other details involving using the Oneness Blessing. We had the opportunity to visit the Golden Temple that is under construction. It is being built to honor all of the ways of devotion to the Divine. In the Golden Temple, we meditated and chanted under the main stuppa (like a square dome). It had the most amazing acoustics. We sounded like virtuoso monks.

One of the most compelling experiences of the last week (and there were many!) was when we hugged a Cosmic Being. Initially, I was not that excited about this process. I imagined one more event that would involve everyone fighting for “front row” seats. I was already filled up and overflowing with energy. Why keep adding more water to the cup? I decided to go and meditate but, at the point of hugging, I was going to slip out the back. I went to the meditation hall late (why hurry to get there when I was planning on leaving?) I couldn’t find my backjack anywhere. Finally I located it. Someone had moved my things right in front!

I realized I wouldn’t be able to slip away without drawing huge attention to myself. So I surrendered and hugged a Cosmic Being. Bliss swept through me. As she looked into my eyes, I totally felt what Namaste (the traditional greeting in India) truly means. The Divine in me recognized and connected with the Divine within her. I remember thinking—this is how every relationship should be! Then my Cosmic Being and I were laughing and hugging and laughing again, all thought gone for a while.

Time to Return
Before I left the campus I took a last look around. When I arrived there was a lot of construction going on. Piles of dirt, trenches, and dug up boulders laid everywhere. At the end of 21 days there were even more piles of dirt and boulders, but they weren’t the same ones as at the beginning. It seemed a fitting metaphor for the Oneness Process that I had just gone through. Certain things had become more ordered within me and yet new areas were excavated and waiting to become orderly as well.

My last days in India were spent down at a beach resort, giving myself a few more days to assimilate before reentry. And, of course, do some shopping.

It’s now been close to two months since I returned. I can feel many new levels of awareness within myself along with new abilities. I’ve become much more of a medical intuitive, able to see certain things in minute detail. Watching how the Oneness Blessing helps evolve the brain with those who have received it, has been a lesson in itself.

My creative abilities have increased as I move deeper into becoming a writer. My own work with Crystalline Consciousness Technique has also deepened as the Oneness Blessing and CCT find ways to support and enhance each other. I am committed to living fully in each day’s experience with joy and stillness. Some days I easily achieve that. Other days…well, let’s just say they’ll make for good posts on my blog!


P.S. For an excellent book that explains more about the Oneness Blessing please order “Awakening Into Oneness” by Arjuna Ardagh.

P.P.S. The Oneness Process is continuing to evolve as planetary consciousness evolves. The 21 day process is now a 9 day process. When it first started it was a 45 day process. At this rate it’ll be down to 60 minutes in a few years! :-)

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  • Gia,

    I loved reading your account of your experience of India, the University, the Oneness blesssing. Yes your writing abilities are certainly dialed in, your word pictures described the sights and experiences beautifully, allowing your delightful sense of humor to come through.

    I mostly want to comment on the Journey Work since you’ve returned, it’s palpable the changes in you…your demeanor, your energy. Smooth is the word that comes up. Smooth and flowing, which for me makes for powerful.

    Thanks for sharing your incredible journey with us, I am so glad you were able to go..for me as well as for you!

    Will you please let me know when you plan to come this way again and teach the advance CCT? Soon I hope.

    All the best,

  • Dear gia ~~

    I enjoyed reading all of your posts, but experienced real joy when you wrote about hugging a Cosmic Being, and how you weren’t allowed, somehow, to get out of it. What an experience you had!!!

    Thank you for the blessing on Sundays!! and looking forward to the before and after pics!

  • Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience.

  • Gia,

    Thanks for posting your experience. I am heading to India Dec 31/07 to start my journey through the 21 day process in January. I have the book Awakening into Oneness and am alomost done. I am still seeking any kind of information I can get to make sure I am prepared. All of your posts were great and of course, the end, the part when you get to celebrate and feel what you have done..that was my favorite part for sure.One day hopefully you will read about my experience..for now thanks again for sharing yours…Monique

  • Thank you for detaied and humorous account of India trip. I am eager to experience the Oneness Blessing and will get book for more info. I have been practicing CCT learned from Judy for a few minths, and this can only enhance the energies.

  • Gia,

    I loved this article. Your meditative experiences are in line with my work on tapping into our creative energy and heightening our brain power through transcendental meditation. This is an extremely powerful account, thanks.

  • Thank you for your feedback!


  • Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful experience. I just returned from a Tony Robbins event where the Oneness Blessing was given twice during the week-long event. From this initial sampling I have many new distictions, some of the most sacred experiences of my life, and I know I want to see this spread across the whole planet for the healing I know we can all enjoy.


  • Yipppee!!!! is all that i can say
    Thank you Amma Bhagawan loads and loads of thanks to you :)

  • Wow. I am so glad I figuredout how to read all of these posts becsue the first one really wetted my appetite! I feel like I want to have this experience! Thank you so much for sharing it and I think I may donate to experience one of your oneness blessings!

  • Blessings are now 2 1/2 days. getting closer to 60 minutes. smiles. i was just initiated in Canada.

    Thank you for writing of your experience. I love how you write and express yourself, – fun read. — much love.

  • Namasthy Amma Bhagavan Saranam.Thanks Amma Bhagavan.I Love So Much Amma Bhagavan.

  • Hi, congratulations for such wonderfull insights,
    thank you for sharing your experiences, …and it keeps going deeper!,



  • Amazing posts. I have received 2 of these blessings recently at my church; Unity Chapel of Light in Ohio. The first blessing I received about 5 weeks ago brought 2 spiritual awakenings in the following week to 10 days. We had another service this past Sunday and I actually physically felt the energy enter my brain. It was like a rain drop building up and building up until it entered in a ‘blurp’. That’s the only way I can describe the feeling. lol Since then I am feeling more and more enlightened and cannot get enough information on raising my vibration and maintaining the joy. It is an amazing experience. I cannot wait until next month for the next One-ness Blessing Service.

    Anyone who has a chance to receive this blessing, please take the opportunity to experience this. IMO, do it as much as possible and continue to grow spiritually.
    Love and Light and Namaste xxxxx