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November New Moon Reading

Assimilation Tool

Assimilation Tool

Whew! I’m coming out of October a bit ragged around the edges. It was intense! To October I say…don’t let the door hit you on the way out! May you go with God…but go!

In October I was able to do my annual energy reading for the coming year which I’ll be offering free toward the end of November. Be sure to get on my mailing list to receive it when I send it out. Or if you sign up for an individual reading this month you will receive the report right away.

This past month was a tidal wave of emotions. The good news is that by the end of the month a good number of people began to find their inner resilience and balance in the face of all that energy in motion which is what emotion is.

Before reading this month’s energy I would like to say something that speaks dearly to my heart.

As hard as October was, this chaos is part of the bigger picture of global transformation that we are undergoing. It’s natural.

In the coming months and new year, It’s going to be really important that people stop looking to human groups for their solutions but connect to Earth, listen to Earth, support Earth and be an advocate for Earth. The issue at Standing Rock in North Dakota isn’t just a Native American issue, but one for all of us. The people at Standing Rock are speaking for Earth, demanding to be heard and recognized about what they value. It’s the quintessential battle between the Old Energy Paradigm and the New. Although we tend to think of the Native Americans as “old” they are timeless bridging both worlds….the one we are leaving behind and the new one we are transforming into.

This much chaos can make a person feel very helpless. The problems seem to big for one person to make a difference. If you align and connect energetically to Earth you will have already made a huge difference. Pay attention to the natural world around you. Notice the sunrise and sunset. Use your energy in the form of money, prayers, invocations, and healing to support those who are supporting Earth and all of life.

New Moon Oct 30

Typically in December I take a moment to reflect on my year, assimilate the transformation of it all then build on my successes in the coming year. But this year the culmination of the bulk of transformation occurred in October. That’s right…what we needed to get done this year we accomplished in 10 months! Yay for us! I guess…It was intense that’s for sure.

November, then, is a great month to reflect on what you accomplished this past year, what you learned and how you want to build on your successes in the coming year. By December we’ll already be in the energy of the new year.

Take a moment then and think back to last January and jot down what you achieved in that month, then February and so on through the year. If you find it hard to remember what you did it’s because you have energetically and consciously transformed. It’s like trying to remember a past life. That’s a good thing! It’s so easy though to only notice the bad stuff happening that we forget to celebrate ourselves for the difference we made in the world. Showing up with heart and speaking for what you value does make a difference. So do a review on your year and look at where you showed up with heart and made a difference.

Last year I found this cool spiral chart that I used to plot the highlights of my year. Use it again this year or use a Fruit of Life graphic or any mandala of your choice. You’ll be more than pleasantly surprised with what you got done this year! For an explanation of how to use the chart go here.

1st Quarter November 7th

The first quarter moon lands on the eve of the US election which I wasn’t planning on talking about! But when I was energetically reading this  moon I was shown a curious thing….the moon was brighter on the left side then on the right. Since the 1st quarter moon is a waxing moon it’s normally the right side that is brighter. So what does that mean I pondered?

This is the time of Scorpio. Scorpio can be the most unevolved sign if it’s stuck in its lower chakras or the most highly, spiritually evolved. The scorpio task within all of us is to turn our lower base desires or passions into compassion and service from the heart. This 1st quarter moon is showing me that the return of the Divine Feminine to the planet is happening now. A new era of compassion and love is being ushered in. Remember that we change from within first so it will take a moment to be reflected in the world around us. Don’t lose faith during this time of change and trust this incredible outcome! There will be a huge heart opening and expansion with this 1st quarter moon. Go be happy!

Super Full Moon Nov 14

This is the second of three super full moons. A super full moon means that the moon is the closest in its orbit to the Earth. The moon tugs on our emotions so it can be a highly volatile time for those who aren’t grounded in their core. A time of reactivity instead of proactivity. If you’re seated in your core your challenge will be to not experience “fallout” from those who are super volatile. It’s a good time to remind yourself that you’re only responsible for your own emotions. Don’t try talking someone into different feelings. Emotions after all are just messengers from our energetic selves. If someone is super angry they are feeling unsafe. Feelings of depression is about our vital life force energy reversing and instead of expressing out into the world it flows down into our roots. There is something to be retrieved in our deepest subconscious…go retrieve it! Feelings of sadness or grief is the message of something lost. Acknowledge what you’ve let go of in the past year, express appreciation for the forms of whatever or whoever that was and reconnect to the essence of that form as it comes into your life in new ways.  Nothing is ever lost in this universe as Einstein has said…but the form does transform or change.

Remember that the second of “anything” is the chaotic phase and we have the second of three super full new moons. This series of super full moons are about transforming our emotions and refining them from biological and ego level emotions into spiritual emotions. Just in time for the holiday season at the end of the year…let us all resonate in joy!

3rd Quarter November 21

The third quarter moon ushers in Thanksgiving week in the U.S. Tap into the spirit of appreciation wherever you are. Although we are living in times of accelerated chaos they are also times of accelerated creativity on all levels. The chance to live from your highest potential and biggest dreams has never been so potent before. Stop fearing success and embrace your ability to thrive and express your purpose!

The new moon for December falls on November 29th. I won’t be doing a reading at that. My December reading will be released around Solstice. This time is all about the Light. I hope you’ll celebrate with me as we receive our own inner Light at this incredible time.

One final note: Although I offer my new moon energy readings to help you have context in a positive way for what’s going on in the world…it’s not enough any more to just have the intuitive or astrologic information about what is going on. You must learn how to take care of yourself energetically. Whether it is to accelerate healing, transform old negative patterns that are tripping you up, or lay the energetic foundation for what you want to create…now is the time to open consciously to your Energy Self.

Toward that goal, I offer two programs that will make a tremendous difference to you. One is the Homestudy Program for the Map of Transformation. All that I talk about in these new moon readings are based on the teachings of CCT. It’s an energy modality that teaches you how to use transformation in a way to accelerate healing and manifesting or creating in the New Energy Paradigm.

The second is the longer more immersed version of The Map of Transformation. If you want a system that can address your energetic self at an individual level as well as within groups, I can’t recommend this enough. You can read more about each level in this program here.

The new moon for December falls on November 29th. I won’t be doing a reading at that time. My December reading will be released around Solstice. I hope you’ll celebrate with me as we receive our own inner Light at this incredible time.

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