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Soul Reading and Clearing

dreamstime_m_16963812Have you been actively transforming for a while, but still success eludes you?

Do you feel like there are old negative patterns or people that just keep following you?

Is it hard for you to create abundance or vital health?

Do you yearn to know what your purpose and gifts are and how you belong in the world?


If you’re resonating to these questions, you are obviously a spiritually awakened and conscious individual, ready to bring your Purpose  into the world. Yay!

But more than ever before, the Universe responds differently for you.

For success, abundance, manifesting your dreams, health and great relationships, you must be  energetically and consciously aligned to your Soul’s Blueprint and Purpose….

Clear Negative Patterns and Learn How to Align to Your Purpose on planet Earth

Once upon a time…

Way back before Dec 21, 2012, my soul knew the rules for manifesting on planet Earth. As an old soul, I’ve been around a while. I’ve studied spiritual development and growth, along with Soul Purpose and creating success with my Spiritual Gifts. I even studied the changes that were coming after 2012. These were massive game changers, such as everyone having access to spiritual free will and choice (and the importance of Self-responsibility and integrity); everyone getting bumped into Soul Purpose (instead of completing certain soul tasks first); and the end of 26,000 years of Karma in the Old Energy Paradigms.

Any one of these changes is a big change for the way the Soul operates here on the planet. All three at once happening to everyone has made it very difficult to stay centered and in alignment with right action, even as an old Soul-know-it-all like myself!

Then this past year, I began to get information from our horse herd about the importance of working with the information held within the Akashic Records (horses naturally access dimensional records held in the starry heavens). I’d been doing a little bit of this work in the past couple of years, but I could tell I needed to fast track my learning. The past couple of months, I have been immersed in studying the information held in the Akashic Records and I’ve been blown away with the results I’ve been getting for myself and my clients. To achieve success right now you need to:

Focus in on expressing your own Purpose and nothing (or no-one) else.

Choose actions that align with your Soul’s Purpose.

Here’s what you get in your Soul Reading:

  • A 60 minute conference call that includes information about your Soul Family Group (your starry home), your Purpose and Gifts
  • Information about old Patterns at mental and emotional levels that no longer serve you
  • Understand how to separate the inessential from your essence  (Focus in on what YOU’VE come here to do right now and let go of everyone else’s business)
  • Understand the choices you’ve made in the past that no longer serve you in the New Energies

While we’re talking you’ll also be receiving a Soul Clearing:

  • Which includes repair of your Soul’s blueprint
  • Healing of your Soul’s energy anatomy (If you have a Crystalline Energy System, this repair will strengthen and improve your CES)
  • Release out dated mental and emotional patterns that have been creating lack, suffering, limitation, and so much more that you don’t (obviously) need anymore
  • Release any karma that you have taken on for others or vows of poverty, suffering, or being alone that no longer serve you
  • Clear and Strengthen YOUR unique connection to the Divine
  • Release of energy drainers including Negative Energy Entities, Negative Guides, energetic rips and tears and so much more
  • As these shift move into place you’ll feel lighter, more empowered and aligned to your true essence


Finally, finally! Some of the issues that have been plaguing me, forrrrreeeeevvvvvver have shifted. I feel so joyful, my energy has increased ten fold, and I don’t hear those old voices of doubt, self-loathing, and judgment plaguing me, anymore. -A. Gonsalez, Montana


Wow! I was blown away with my reading. I’ve been doing okay, but now I feel like I just fine-tuned all of my efforts and took off with rocket fuel. Only bulls eyes for me, from now on. -V. Davis, Arizona


I feel like I was connected to my Soul Purpose before, but there was a veil separating me from it and I wasn’t entirely sure when I was on the right track. Now I know exactly what forms reflect the expression of my purpose and my gifts. It’s still kind of scary manifesting these into the world but I have so much more confidence now. -L. Walker, Florida

Price for the Soul Reading and Clearing is $300. Click here for payment. Then click here to schedule a time.


Note: Are you a Montana resident? Please ask me about my special rates for Montanans. Use this email ramblerg(at)mac.com.