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My Top 5 Life Traumas and What I Learned From Them

If we express our fullest potential and spiritual gifts, we will experience setbacks, heartbreak, and life altering traumas along the way. I’ve had more than my share that were physically, mentally and emotionally painful. My strategies for healing and recovery were using energy techniques and to resolve that no matter how painful the trauma, I would grow and learn from it. I have to say it worked magnificently. Today I live in love, joy and ever expanding potential.

In response to Darren Rouse’s invitation from ProBlogger for a Top Five Group Writing Project, here is a description of my top five life traumas and what they taught me about myself and life:

  1. Harry Potter Scar. At the age of 14, my older brother was driving me and my two younger brothers to the bus stop (we lived in a rural area and drove 10 minutes each day to catch the bus). It was a cold winter day. The tire caught in a snowbank and the car rolled down a bank. Not wearing a seatbelt, my head hit a strangely placed button on the dash and ripped a deep gash in my forehead. My brothers all promptly abandoned me and ran back home to get mom and dad. Sitting alone in the car waiting for them to take me to the hospital, I felt alone and very scared. Suddenly a strong, loving presence filled the cold car, warming me up and quieting my fears. I became aware of a connection that I had to something or someone that was always there for me. Unlike Harry Potter who’s forehead scar aches when “you know who” is around (an evil presence), my scar aches when this loving presence shows up. Eventually this presence or guide led me to massage school and craniosacral therapy (where my numerous head injuries were healed). Lesson: There is an energy (guide, force) that can help me when I need it and guide me in the right direction of me life.
  2. Divorce. When I was 31, I divorced my first husband. I asked my parents not to take sides in the conflict. Much to my horror they did…turning against me. Deeply hurt by my parents who made their rejection public, I turned within. Connecting to my sense of God (the ultimate link), I asked for father and mother energies straight from Source itself. With the qualities of support and nurturing coming through vertically (as I viewed it), I was able to detach from whatever process my parents were going through. Eventually a new relationship was formed with them. Lesson: Bring in what I need energetically and vertically (from Creator Source, Universe, Higher Self or whatever you call it) and then manifest it horizontally around me.
  3. Went Broke. My greatest fear I discovered, was going broke in a banking family. No, no, let me amend that. My greatest fear was going broke in a banking family in a very small town. Through the process I learned many lessons including the truth about money (as stated in this post) and the art of surrendering which led me to my soul’s purpose. Biggest Lesson: When faced with a huge fear, find what is most sacred to me and make it bigger than the fear. (Note: Scared and Sacred are different by one letter!)
  4. Nearly Died. A health crisis brought me to the point of death. No matter what I did, I couldn’t shift the energy around it. This time my vertical connections weren’t helping. Through the strong love, thoughts, and prayers of the community where I lived, I pulled through. In this experience, I learned about the amazing power of groups. Lesson: Open and receive horizontally from the power of groups as much as I receive vertically from the power of Source.
  5. Started a Business that Failed. In 2001, I began an energy healing school. The vision for it held all my greatest dreams and desires. I invited 5 or 6 other incredible leaders/teachers to join me. Although all of them agreed to be part of it, the school did not seem to gel or take off. Throughout the ensuing two years there were a host of other problems that were frustrating and disappointing, to say the least. Then in 2003, I got together with a fellow energy healing friend to meditate and get information for an upcoming class we were going to teach. In an entirely mystical moment, Crystalline Consciousness Technique™ was born. This energy healing technique has since become an entire course in and of itself, with four levels of classes. CCT now has 8 teachers and 9 teachers-in-training and is about to go global. Lesson: What I thought was the big dream was only the doorway to an even bigger one.

The point of all this is: If you want to focus on the traumas of your life, then write a Country Western song. If you want to move forward in growth and expansion, then keep the lessons and release the traumas.

Copyright © 2007 gia combs-ramirez. All rights reserved.

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