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My Oneness Blessing Adventure

Singapore BarbiesTransformation can only happen with the help from another. Our brain cannot do it by itself.” -Krishnaraj

Note: This process is now 9 days and is taught in Fiji. Read the comments for more information from some of the people who have taken it there.

Last January a friend of mine asked me to look at the Oneness University in India. She wanted to go to their program and learn how to give the Oneness Blessing (or Deeksha as it’s also called). I looked at the website and read the material. It resonated very powerfully for her. In the way of the mind, I also considered it for myself. I rejected it for several reasons. I wasn’t in the market for a new energy modality. I was busy with my own organization and energy modality, Crystalline Consciousness Technique. The teachings and objectives of the Oneness University weren’t new to me. Awakening and moving into enlightenment are states of being that I have achieved and continue to achieve. Finally, the thought of travelling to India made me shudder. India is sensory overwhelm on steroids. And for that experience you also get to sit on a plane for a very, very long time. (Some people say that India stands for I’m Not Doing It Again). Additionally the only time I could go would be August…not exactly the coolest time to be in India.

Having resolved that in my own mind in about 20 seconds, I got on with my life. A couple of months later during a meditation with my guides, they suggested I go to the course. It was time to bring in the Master Teacher level for CCT and they were going to use the Oneness Process to bring it in. I threw my reservations into the wind and signed myself up.

The Oneness Vision
The Oneness Blessing was originated by Sri Bhagavan. Together with his wife, Amma, they have built a university that is for teaching people how to live. In India, Bhagavan and Amma are considered Avatars, one of the highest levels of soul mastery on the planet. The particular gift that Amma and his wife offer is an energy healing transmission that heightens the powers of the brain and creates endless joy within each individual. They don’t teach this technique to others. Instead the guides of the Oneness University lead participants through a 21 day process that gradually increases a person’s vibration. When the participants are ready they receive an initiation or attunement to be able to transmit the Oneness Blessing to others.

Why would they want to do this? In the words of one of our guides, “Happy people don’t harm others.” This technique allows people to move into higher emotional states of joy and bliss by shifting the primary activity of the brain into the frontal lobe. When we operate from the frontal brain versus the parietal lobes or the lower brain centers, we feel connected to everyone and everything. This feeling of connectedness or oneness is associated with emotional states of happiness, peace, and joy. There are many other benefits as well. Creative people become more creative. Writers can write easily and effectively. Musicians are able to sing better and athletes improve in their abilities.

The vision of the Oneness University, as created by its founders Bhagavan and Amma, is to help humanity at this important time in its development. By bringing the Oneness Blessing to many people we can collectively begin to let go of the need for war, unsustainable lifestyles that are destroying the planet, hunger and poverty. The Oneness University wants to do this as fast as possible before 2012.

My Journey Begins
Once I enrolled, I began to prepare for the trip. I knew my challenge wouldn’t be the Oneness Process of spiritual and energetic growth. Those factors are fairly easy for me. My challenge was going to be the mental ones of travelling in a post 9/11 world, the physical challenges that come with travelling half way around the world, and staying healthy in India. I did not want to bring back some of the horrors of parasites or diseases that some people encounter when in India. On the plus side was the thought of going to India—the ancient civilization of meditation, yoga, ayruvedic sciences, gurus and more recently, Bollywood movies. This could be fun!

For three months, I gathered information about the best ways to protect my health while in India, exercised vigorously, and did a variety of alternative treatments, including a 21 day energy healing process, to prepare myself on many levels. I would be grateful again and again for all that preparation during my month in India. To give you a small glimpse of the power of all of that preparation, during my time in India I was bit by a mosquito (malaria!) just once; I never experienced dysentery or other gastrointestinal upset; I never saw a beggar or was approached by pushy vendors. I was also able to tolerate the heat and humidity without my blood pressure dropping (a problem I’ve had in the past with heat). And I was able to physically handle the 30 hour plane trip, yoga sessions and sitting endlessly on cement floors. I remember thinking, “If I had prepared to this degree for childbirth, I wouldn’t have ended up with a Cesarean!” But that’s another story. Here are some of the great tips people passed on to me:

  • Carry your own toilet paper
  • Take some extra shoes because when you take them off before entering the meditation halls, they can get stolen.
  • Watch the crowds and look for the person who is controlling the crowds. That person will provide you with great help, if you need it, and if you’re willing to politely throw yourself on their mercy.
  • Take grapefruit seed extract, Four Kings supplements (from Dragon Herbs), essential oils, Microbe Balancing flower essences (Perelandra) and Mexican medicine for handling dysentery. (There were some more but I stopped there).
  • Take protein bars and tea.
  • Take an eye mask.
  • Take a hankerchief for overwhelming street smells.
  • Take peanut butter (unfortunately I didn’t listen to this one).

Getting There
I chose to fly Singapore Airlines. They were a bit pricier than some of the other airlines (such as Malaysia Airlines) but they are known for their incredible service. I left San Francisco at 1 in the morning, too excited to sleep. The women airplane attendants had the most beautiful uniforms. Known as Singapore Girls and also called Asian Barbies, they were all amazing in their body hugging outfits. On the longest stretch of my flight, 14 hours from San Fran to Hong Kong, they never stopped working. Every twenty minutes they brought by snacks, food, drinks and hot towels to clean our hands. And this was the service in economy…I can’t imagine how well they were all treated in business or first class.

Unfortunately, I never slept much. I was on the aisle but the two people to my left had arrived slightly inebriated. They started to get airsick fairly early on and I lived in mortal fear of not getting out of the way quickly enough for them to get to the bathroom. Finally, after chasing the night for 14 hours we arrived in Hong Kong for refueling. It was a beautiful airport with a fantastic view of the city and lush mountains in the background. All bathed in the light of the rising sun. Hello sun! Hello Asia!
After Hong Kong, it was back on the plane for Singapore. This tiny Asian country is known for a great thriving economy, efficiency in all that it does, no crime, and extreme cleanliness. I had the opportunity to get a temporary visa and take a city bus tour. As I looked at the form I had to fill out, I was struck by this message in bold letters: DEATH TO DRUG TRAFFICKERS. Hmmm, maybe my vitamin supplements would be misinterpreted. I decided to pass on the tour. (Some of you may remember the news story a few years ago about the American college kid who spit out his chewing gum on a Singapore street, was arrested for it and consequently caned as a punishment).

The Singapore Airport is famous for its hotel rooms and other services that are rented by the hour in the terminal. I had a 9 hour layover and I was planning to take a shower, get a massage and sleep most of that time. I did…and it was fabulous.

Off to Chennai (formerly Madras) India. I was able to sleep another four hours so that by the time I arrived in Chennai at 11 p.m. I actually felt fairly decent. On the plane to Chennai, when I was awake, I began looking around for possible other attendees to the Oneness University. I picked out a handful and when finding myself in line for immigration behind a couple of them, I asked them if they were headed where I was. They were and so we introduced ourselves and swapped a few stories.

The Oneness University told us to meet our taxi drivers outside the terminal. Looking out we saw a wall of people behind some barricades. Holy cow! I thought (it was India after all, where cows are holy) how are we going to be found or find our taxi driver? At this point I met another attendee. She had a massive pink box with a Barbie Bike label on it. I didn’t know if it was her way of packing or if it really was a bicycle. Turned out she had volunteered to bring over a bike for Bhagavan’s and Amma’s granddaughter. I figured she’d be picked up for sure, so I just followed her out into the teeming masses.

Little did I know I was about to learn about suffering, India style…

Continue the adventure here.

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  • gia, congrats on taking the leap into a great adventure! i always gain alot from stepping outside my comfort zone. i look forward to reading more about your experience. i got married to my honey of 7 years on 07-07-07 and we are very happy! i have really modified my diet to include mostly living, raw foods and have applied to attend the Hippocrates Health Institute in February. not just for physical health, but intaking energized foods for emotional/spiritual clarity- amazing! namaste, kelly in whitefish

  • Traveling to India is an eye-opener in many ways. I have been to southern India from the southern USA 3 times. I learn so much about myself with each trip.

  • While on vacation in Florida this summer I read the Awaken Into Oneness book! There in no doubt in my mind that my heart and mind resonate with this process! I feel my awakening is on the horizon!

    Blessings to your for sharing the personal insights from your journey!


  • enjoyed your journey to India.
    I have read the oneness blessing book and I’m very much in touch with all that was said.

    I like to know what the difference is between 21-day course in India and the 9-day course in Fiji.

    please let me know.

  • Hi roya,
    I haven’t taken the 9 day course in Fiji so can’t speak from my own experience. However, what the Oneness University has found (as they explained to us) is that over time they have been able to teach what they teach in smaller increments of time. The 21 day process that I took used to be a 45 day, very vigorous process. When I took the process I would say that we had about 14 very active days and about a week of “filler.” Course some of that filler was visiting the Golden Temple and some other things so it was fun filler.

    The number of days they need to raise a person’s vibration to be ready for the Oneness Blessing initiation or activation is what they are after. With planetary consciousness at a higher vibration it takes less time to get someone ready.


  • Sounds like the energy healing process that you did before you went worked wonders in helping to protect you. I am going to have to try this befor I go on my next major trip.

  • Loved the story about your adventures … and LOVED the weekly Oneness Blessing. Thank you!

  • I heard about oneness blessing and was excited. I decided to read up on the internet. What I read on a site called Deeksa Danger scared me. I think anyone considering it should read everything and not just ignore the warnings. I don’t know if anyone would get involved with that guru if they knew his history. The concept is great, of course everyone wants that. But it seems this organization is not all it claims to be. Read for yourself, folks.

  • Is nice to read your story, it gave me some ideas what did oneness university teaching. I ‘m planning to go there next year.
    I would like to know about your life styles and emotions, will it come to the same after a while, or it change until now?

  • Hi Doris,
    Thanks for your comment and interest. I found my life has changed since a year ago when I went to the Oneness University. The Oneness University is becoming much better at supporting people after they take the course, which is so much better for positive change to “stick” in your life.


  • Thanks for your reply, i ‘m feel uncertain for my future, although i know that we should feel “present” instead of “Pass” and “Future”, but when i come back to normal work, i will drop to the realistic, become bad feeling and no mood to living.

  • Just read your first entry on your adventures to India. I was at the opening of OU in Fiji and have to share that for a 9 day process that it sticks with you and it works. I came to know about Oneness via Tony Robbins who donated the land used in Fiji and I volunteered to help with the opening so I had the opportunity to be there for 2 sessions.

    Both sessions were magical, the opening ceremonies were out of this world. We had Anada Giri, Krishnaraj (Amma Bahagvan’s son) and a large assortment of Oneness principles from around the world. It was a spectacular event and something that will always stay with me.

    I’ve had the itch to blog and share my experience and now that I read your 4 part documentary of your journey I will certainly have to share my take on Oneness. Just today I celebrated Bahagvan’s birthday with some other Oneness friends, it’s a process I highly recommend to anyone!

  • Is there more to this story? I’d really love to hear the rest!

  • K H-M, I had to dig around here to find the next installment, it is at This link.

  • I Love Amma Bhagavan.They always help my family.we are thank for them