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Messages from Earth

Crystalline Earth

I have a simple energy barometer. When I’m in joy and there is happiness all around, it’s my indicator that we’re in right energetic harmony on all levels and all is good. As a healer, there’s nothing to do!

When I’m in joy and there’s unhappiness all around, it’s my indicator that the group or groups are out of sorts and need some energy work to come into right harmonic relationship again.

When I’m not in joy and there is also unhappiness all around, then I know to look to the grid systems that are the fabric that weaves through and around all life.

That’s the state I woke up in today. Actually, it started a couple of days ago but I thought it was just the normal overwhelm of the 4th of July energies. Now the day after, this unrest and unease still sits heavily in my body, particularly in my lower abdomen. It’s a rock of immovable energy, robbing me of mental clarity and emotional joy.

A couple of weeks ago I went into my Golden Spiral Intuitive Listening to talk with the wind (which is still extra intense but doesn’t bother me anymore). Today I felt drawn to tune into Earth and hear what she has to say about these unsettling energies. Normally I ask questions about what I’ve been noticing, but today I just want to hear Earth and what she has to say. Most of all I want to be in harmony and right relationship with her again. I want my joy back!

Here is what I channeled from Earth in her voice:

Right now we are experiencing an intense battle of wills in the upper dimensions. Actually “battle” isn’t the right word, for battle implies there are two opposing forces with an unknown outcome. This outcome is known. Those in alignment with me will prosper in all ways and move forward. Those who don’t, won’t.

There is no other outcome for I am the planet whose purpose is to create life. There have been other planets in this solar system where life started but they were just experiments to understand certain aspects of life creation. In the nature of transformation, I am the third planet with Mars and Venus before me. The third aspect of transformation is always the one of Mastery.

If I am the planet of Mastery with life, then why is life currently in such chaos, you might wonder? I have been ready to bring in the next evolutionary phase of life for a while. I was waiting for certain shifts in the the starry heavens to start this next phase. That shift came with the Shift of Ages that you know as 2012 (but really started before that).

In this process of introducing the new evolutionary element of crystalline into life, there has been a release of the former bonds of restriction and control held in human groups. Many of these bonds were originally formed around misconceptions of me and how to survive. These have been carried into human thriving patterns as well. 

All life must be able to read energy to stay in harmony and alignment with me and ultimately to receive vital life force energy. This connection has been obscured with human group energetic overlays of restriction and control. The primary tool used by these human groups to control others is the emotion of fear.

This emotion is misunderstood by humans. At its essence it is a sensory enhancement tool. The brain centers of sentient beings can only focus on a limited number of sensory stimuli. What you call fear was a simple tool to temporarily enhance the brain centers to take in more sensory information. However  for humans, it has become associated with death. Now, if they feel fear, instead of waking up to the present and paying attention to incoming messages, they assume death is coming.

In the hierarchy of life, the first and highest level is systems. Next comes groups. You can see how I have promoted many different kinds of groups on the planet as a part of the experiment of life. Groups began as a means to enhance survival. They are in a shift now to enhance thriving. This shift has created great disorientation within human groups as they are unclear about what the group purpose is.

The third level of hierarchy is individual. It’s not the lowest level as in least important. It would be more accurate to describe it as the smallest level. When conflict of purpose and disorientation, which creates fear, builds up in an individual it can get released into groups. When conflict of purpose and disorientation leading to fear, builds up in a group it can be released collectively either into individuals or systems.

Over the weekend that is what occurred as a tremendous amount of emotional energy around the planet was released from groups into Earth grid systems. Assimilating tremendous amounts of energy in my grid systems is something I am well equipped to deal with from earthquakes to volcanoes to human drama. I easily and naturally seek homeostasis throughout my systems.

Groups however, are still recovering from the tremendous outburst of emotional energy. This outburst fractured the many restrictions held in and through groups. Those restrictions acted like a mirror instructing humans how to fit in on the planet. The mirror is now lying in many pieces and humans no longer know who to look to for guidance, particularly if they’ve lost their connection to me. There are many people in blind panic searching frantically through the jagged mirror pieces for their orientation.

The next step is for them to begin to realize nothing bad is happening. The mirror was not a true reflection of who they were. Nothing of real essence can be lost in this Shift of Age. Only the illusions. The escalation of human violence is a last attempt at trying to reestablish the bonds of control over other humans through the emotion of fear. It will subside.

If the grid system  you’re interacting with is chaotic and dissonant, connect to the grid system above that one or more accurately the “bigger one.” If that one is chaotic and dissonant connect to the next bigger grid system. The excess energy will dissipate throughout the other grid systems over time. As an individual connected to a harmonic grid system, you need to let groups reorganize without getting attached to the process. Group energy often shows up in the intestinal brain of humans. When the intestines are sorting through conflicting energy they shut down all thought process. When you encounter a great deal of resistance from someone they are in this sorting process. Give them space and time. Stay centered in your own connection to my harmonic grid systems and in the essence of your being. That’s all the needs to be done.

Coming back to the beginning about the known outcome of a perceived battle…how does free will and choice factor into this? At a spiritual level you have the free will and choice to be part of this experiment of life with me. If you don’t want to be a dance partner, you are free to leave and explore other systems in the Universe. Biologically, you don’t have free will and choice. You must align to my direction of evolution. I hold the codes of the future of life which are unfolding now in all my systems. Use your power of choice to align to them and join me in harmony for our next expression of life.

As I finish bringing in Earth’s message for me and us, I come gently back to this realm, my corner of Earth, in my awareness. My joy is back and I’m beginning to feel more centered, stabilized and balanced.

Spend time today and the coming days in quiet connection with Earth.

gia is a master of intuition and the healing arts. She’s offering two classes this summer: Master YOUR Intuition and Healing with Horses, held at her own beautiful lab (i.e. retreat ranch) of exploring life and self in the Rocky Mountains of Montana.




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