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Mastering the Mind

To live fully and wonderfully, expressing soul purpose, you’ll have to master the body, mind and emotions. Master doesn’t mean control over…it means understanding how they work and then working with them so that they become positive tools for the soul. Today’s post will take a look at the mind, what it is and how to work with it. This is a topic that has been studied and taught for millenium by Buddhists and other Eastern religions. I’m not reinventing the wheel in today’s post, but giving some general guidelines and pointers that can perhaps jumpstart you to the next level. I’ll include some of my favorite books at the end for further study.

What is the Mind?

The mind includes the subtle mental body, and the physical components of the brain, central nervous system and the gut (sometimes called the second brain). It’s also the seat of the ego, that small sense of self that is based on all that is temporary in this life.

At the Oneness University last year, our dhasas (teachers) liked to say that the mind is a biological mind. What this means is that it’s been created along with the evolution of our species. They spoke of the mind, not as a separate mind that you might have unique to you and that I have unique to me, but as one collective, ancient, biological mind that acts the same for everyone. “Your mind is not your mind.” is often quoted from Sri Baghavan, cofounder of the Oneness University. According to our dhasas the mind will always:

  • Compare
  • Judge
  • Blame
  • Analyze
  • Context

Since the mind arises from the biological self, what is at the root of the mind is fear. Fear of loss, dying, and ceasing to exist. Suffering arises in our lives, when we resist what can’t be changed. And the way the biological mind works is one of those “non change” events. According to the Oneness University teachings, the only things you can do with the mind is watch it and not identify with it.

The Mind as the End Point

Perhaps one of the most intriguing viewpoints held in the western belief system, is that the mind is the origination point for healing, creating and transforming. Surely the gods in the heavens laugh at our audacity to believe that. I have long known from the fiber of my being, that the mind is the end point of the totality of our being. Whatever is happening in the mind is the indicator for what is happening in the rest of our being. This innate understanding ,that I have somehow always known, has been one of key factors in how I approach healing.

  • If you have discordant thoughts, then somewhere in your energetic self is some disturbance.
  • If you are having obsessive thoughts about someone else, they are energetically tapping into you in some way.
  • If you wake up in a certain mood, your mind is reflecting unacknowledged emotions, energetic messengers in their own right.
  • If your mind is not fully present, then healing the past is required or releasing fear of the future.

Watching the mind from a healers viewpoint provides vital clues of the completeness of healing. A still quiet mind is the indicator of health in the physical, healing or wholing of current life traumas, release of negative karma at the soul level, and energetic integrity.

Original Thought

Ripples in a Calm WatersThought is similar to breath. It can be automatic—showing us either the nature of the biological mind or what is occurring for us throughout the rest of our being, or it can be conscious—a direction that we give ourselves because of spiritual free will and choice. When thought and energy harmonize, then we have rapid manifesting, healing and transformation—the cornerstones of evolution of consciousness. If your thought is a pebble and you throw it onto the clear, still lake of your being, then you’ll see the ripples spreading out throughout the whole lake from the one small action. If, however, you throw the pebble into the stormy sea of your being, you will not observe much difference from the action. There will be a difference, but it’ll take tossing a lot of pebbles to be able to observe that difference. In my sessions with others, I concentrate on getting a client to the point of the clear, still waters of being. Then something magical happens, different for every person.

Whether you work with an energy healer/intutive or on your own, most of your life’s work is going to be centered on creating the still, quiet lake. It is work that is not only the overall framework of your life, but also the day to day functioning of your life. You know the saying: Before enlightenment—chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment—chop wood, carry water.

Once in a great while, when all the heavens align, and the energetic waters of beingness are still, an original thought comes through our entire being. Call it inspiration. Call it grace. I call it original thought. It’s the magical moment in a session with a client that arises out of the Great Mystery of the Uni-verse. When we operate from original thought, then our soul is operating from its highest purpose.

Watch your mind today. When is it functioning at its biological level? When is it reflecting the state of your being? And when is it expressing original thought.

Further Study:

I recommend these posts:

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And these books:

The Art of Happiness by the Dalai Lama and Howard Cutler

A Path With Heart by Jack Kornfield

The Yoga of Discipline by Swami Chidvilasananda and David Katz

Please leave your insights and wisdom in the comments, about how you work with the mind.

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  • Lately my way of working with the mind is that whenever I have a reaction or negative feeling toward or about something someone else did, or something I saw, or like you said, “Compare, Judge, Blame, Analyze, Context”, or anything really, I stop and realize (it’s getting easier and quicker as I practice), oh, that’s not me, that’s the ego, fear, fear of the death of the ego. It’s become a fun game actually.

    Also, question, you mention, “If you are having obsessive thoughts about someone else, they are energetically tapping into you in some way.” Is that true even if they are “good” thoughts. For example, thoughts about someone you just met, but who you would have liked to/would like to get to know better?

    Thanks for another great post gia! Always interesting and thought provoking. I like it.


  • Hi Lori,
    Thanks for your great input!

    Yes, in my work when someone is constantly thinking about someone else, good or bad, there is some energetic connection that is “active.” The obsessive thought pattern is the indicator of something being up in the fields.


  • I just came across this site via PDP, and I am very happy that I did. After reading through several of your posts, I was moved to leave a comment. Reading them has been like having someone telling me something I have long known, but perhaps forgotten or not been paying attention to for too long.
    Thank you for such an excellent site.
    All the best.

  • Hi Jeniffer,
    Welcome to SOH! I look forward to getting to know you better as well,via PDP.

    Thanks for the uplifting comment,