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Living with Higher Sense Perception

Note: The following is an excerpt from the Higher Sense Perception Mastery Course.

Your body is an incredible organism that is made to sense the environment around it and make sense of it. There are far senses: vision, hearing, taste, smell and touch and there are near senses: tactile, vestibular and proprioceptive. The near senses are for providing information from within your bodies such as where you are located in space; orchestrating balance and movement; and interpreting sensations of heat and cold. In your embryonic state, they develop first and serve as the foundation for the far senses. The far senses let you know what is going on around you so that an adequate response can be made.

This is where we leave western science. Humans are more than just biological organisms. You are also a soul. From this part of yourself springs a third level with your senses…perhaps they can be called the “way-out-there senses” after near and far senses. These senses are more about your spiritual body than your physical, mental or emotional bodies. They are called the higher sense perceptions because they perceive what science is slowly beginning to perceive…other dimensions. You are hardwired to have higher sense perception but for these senses to work well, the foundational elements of the near and far senses must be in an open and undefended state.

Sensory defendedness is a rising epidemic. You live in a social world that is increasingly too fast, loud, bright, flashing and out of balance with natural rhythms of nature. Your biological senses developed in synchrony with nature. As more and more is thrown at them in smaller and faster bytes, you reach thresholds of overwhelm. Your systems begin to shut down, you disorient, and if it continues for a long period of time you can develop psychological and physical problems.

In the natural order of development, your higher sense perceptions open slowly as your biological perceptions grow with personal development. Certain kinds of trauma, however, can “blow open” your senses before you are developmentally ready for higher sense perception. Being in heightened states of fear for a long period of time, birth trauma, and chronic illness can all lead to a sudden opening of your higher sense perceptions.

The planet is currently in its own transformation of consciousness and receiving tremendous amounts of incoming energies. These energies are of a higher vibrational frequency then we currently hold. They can suddenly “awaken” us, a term used to describe a sudden conscious awareness of our higher sense perceptions and the realms beyond the material one we live in.

The Higher Sense Perception Mastery Course was designed to heal the senses and interpreting centers, reconfigure different structures in the body for the new incoming energies, and provide the means for interpreting higher sense perception. The 21 day course has a daily lesson and healing meditation from the guides. This course is brought in energetically as well as consciously. An interesting phenomena with this course is that each person receives it within their own unique signature, hence it feels familiar to them. The HSP course material, however, is new on the planet!

Included here is an mp3 file for Balancing the Senses. This one lesson done daily can be tremendously helpful. (If you do not receive the mp3 file in your rss feed or email, please visit the blog to listen to it.)

You can order the Higher Sense Perception Mastery Course with accompanying CD here: Crystalline Consciousness Technique Store.

A totally unsolicited testimonial!

Last August I did the 21-day HSP Master Course. It was powerful, healing, and activated another level of higher sense perceptions for me. This month (January 2008) I received the manual and CD of the HSP Master Course and I am truly blown away by it. As powerful as it was the first time, it is exponentially more so this time. Today is day one of the third week and the joy, lightness, clarity, grounded-ness that is me is fabulous. Just because you’ve done the course once, do not think there is nothing more for you in it. Having gia’s voice to talk me thru the daily balancing and the meditation for that day allows me to let go of my thoughts and simply BE with the energy. It is very powerful and I encourage you to use this powerful tool for expansion and healing.” – C. Agosta, Ohio

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