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Let’s Talk About Pain…Or Not

Alamosrainforest2Those are the four hardest words I’ve ever written. Like a trapped animal, everything inside me pulls back, fighting and resisting this topic. If you’re also squirming, stay with me as we sort it out.

If pain is such a taboo, why am I doing it…you might ask? In a few days I’m launching a new membership program to explore Soul Mastery in 2018. It’s got quite the energetic springboard for the launch— the Super Blue Blood Full Moon Eclipse.

(Someone in the street asked me the other day…does that mean anything? lol).

The week before a launch of this sort, I feel the energies gathering for the information that I’ll be bringing in. As all my programs and channellings go, I first experience the energy through the innate body intelligence before consciously retrieving what it’s all about. This is a good thing, because channelled information from a higher realm that’s not in this physical realm can be a bit…well, disembodied and ungrounded. All my information from higher realms has to past the test of the body wisdom first.

I begin this translating process by writing a blog post. It helps me identify the theme and focus my observation/intuitive skills. You can imagine my dismay when the theme for the very first Soul Mastery lesson turns out to be about pain. That didn’t fit my idea of Soul Mastery…instead of a delicious dessert like lemon merengue torte, it’s more like a meal of liver and onions. It’s taking me every bit of courage and faith to write this topic.

I have been avoiding pain all my life. As an empath with a compassionate heart, I not only experience my pain but also others as well.

The body’s response to pain is to stop moving, to brace itself, just like splinting a broken leg . As I tuned in this past week through my body, I’m hyper aware of it, which after years of bracing has become stiff and contracted. If physical pain isn’t enough, there’s emotional, mental and spiritual pain, too.

Physical pain robs us of our joy while emotional pain saps our muscular strength especially the heart.

Mental pain via anguish and stress breaks down the integrity of the body systems especially the immune.

Spiritual pain leads to numbing out, barely engaging in this life, and leads to addictions and distractions.

If our own pain isn’t enough, as empaths and Old Souls we’ll also feel others’ pain. Its excruciating and we put up armor and coping mechanisms (like weight gain) for it.

The need for pain on planet Earth is deep in our psyches and our very bones. “Growing pains” refers to that special pain in childhood when your bones were growing longer. It also refers to the expectation that any kind of personal or spiritual growth will be painful. Even our doctors only offer “pain management,” not pain eradication.”No pain, no gain” refers to that need to break the muscles down before they can become stronger. But it also refers to the collective belief system that to reach higher levels of our potential (i.e. Soul Mastery) we have to effort and push and well..be in pain. Cause then we’ve earned it.

Pain at its essence is just a communication from the physical body to the mind. “Something is wrong. Take care of it.” But humans allow pain to seep into the emotional or mental body. We use it as a form of memory data. It links us to past events and loved ones. We wear the pain of past traumas almost with pride.

As long as I can remember, my soul has feared being in the physical realm because of its aversion to pain. The soul knows that pain can trap us in the physical body. Evidently someone out there has a great sense of humor about that, because I was born under a very physical zodiac sign…the sign of Taurus. (Note to Soul: Go with an air sign next time!) It’s that fear of entrapment that had me squirming with this week’s theme of “pain.”

In a couple of days, it’ll be time to download the information about pain and how that affects Soul Mastery. For now, I’m just glad to not be squirming and resisting this topic any more. The fear is gone.

I’m ready.

What’s blocking your Soul Mastery? Join the 2018 membership program and let’s explore together!

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