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When Head Meets Body | Developing Your Innate Wisdom in Real Time

I love energy and consciousness! You can do the coolest things with them including body scanning.

This is NOT the body scanning as done at airports. That body scanning machine is actually BAD for your health.

This form of body scanning that you do on yourself, with yourself, is a way to tap into the vast reservoir of innate wisdom that the body has. This isn’t just innate wisdom about the physical body, it’s wisdom about anything and everything.

When you use the energy of spiritual consciousness for body scanning the body heals more quickly, old, stuck emotions shift, and you feel vibrantly and joyfully alive!

Learning how to body scan can be fairly easy. Learning how to body scan to get the above results can actually be the start of a whole new relationship with yourself.

You start wanting to just do “the party trick of body scanning” and then you fall in love with the marvelous, miraculous expression of living art that you are. You discover that you can quit trying so hard in your outside world to become something because you are already magnificent beyond anything you could ever dream or imagine for yourself.

Three important things to know about energetic body scanning are:

  • I only do it on myself. What feels liberating, joyful and amazing to me would feel invasive if I were to body scan someone else. There are other ways to get information about someone else’s body (assuming this is an energy session you are doing) that don’t feel invasive.
  • I do it with love. The vibration of love is the underlying vibrational building block throughout our entire being from a body system such as the central nervous system to our DNA and our subatomic structures. By being in the vibration of love, you unlock the innate wisdom of the body as it communicates back to you.
  • I do it with the intent of observing only. The biological mind is built to first find something wrong and then fix it. Using the spiritual mind for body scanning, however, allows you to tap into the thriving, miracle of yourself. Just observing is a powerful way to enhance healing because the body gets necessary feedback so that it can self adjust. Even pain can be lessened this way.

Side effects of learning how to body scan is the ability to be able to meditate easier, heightened intuition and emotional intelligence, a greater coherence and unity of body, mind, spirit, emotions and energy, a greater understanding of who you are here in this world (the primary goal of personal growth), and a greater understanding of who YOU are (the primary goal of spiritual growth).

All that and it promotes better sleep as well! It’s the whole enchilada.

Join me for a webinar class on How to Body Scan.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Use your spiritual consciousness to body scan different systems of the body
  • Access the innate wisdom of the body
  • Shift pain
  • Awaken the sense of the miraculous in your own life
  • Use love and observation to improve the health of your body

It’s fun, meditative and creates a new relationship between your head and body. Find out what it feels like to “fit in your own skin.”

This is the first of 3 classes that can be taken separately but work together synergistically. In the second class you learn to read signs, which helps you with body scanning. The third class is how to communicate better with your guides (the class I said I would never teach!) which is helped by being able to body scan and read signs. Sign up for two of the classes and get the third free! All classes will be recorded so that you can listen any time. Note: I’ve rescheduled these classes to a later date than originally intended. To register and get more info please go to https://scienceofenergyhealing.com/products/.

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  • wow it sounds interesting to me and i think im gonna try it for my self thanks

  • Hi Gia,
    I have a background in doing energy healing on myself and others. I am no master by any stretch but I have studied Reiki types of energy healing.

    It’s a matter of tuning into the frequency of the body and finding any imbalances and helping to clear the blockages.

    I am going to register for your webinar.

  • Hi Justin, Thanks for your interest. I had to change the dates of this class due to some unexpected events this summer. I’ll let you know when it’s official again.