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Law of Attraction in Action—Make Yourself Right

The Law of Attraction states that you create what you think about. If you become aware of this law and begin to work with it, then your thoughts become conscious intent. Why, oh why, then does it seem that we keep getting the same old events in our life instead of what we want to bring in?

The problem could lie in the five senses of perception. Through the five senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell, we bring in information that is interpreted in a particular part of the brain. This sensory interpretation center’s task is to coordinate the information into a cohesive whole. When there isn’t cohesiveness we can spin out in disorientation. A simple example is our sight. The brain takes what we see from two eyes and makes it into one vision instead of two.

The interpretation center uses stored information in other parts of the brain to help it with its interpretations. This creates a “perceiving everything the same” attitude. The hypothalamus which lies near this center, stores trauma information. If the sensory integration center only relies on the hypothalamus for information, then we will continue to perceive every response to us as some form of trauma.

To counter the brain’s shortcut mechanisms of using stored information to interpret our world, we can use our frontal lobe (the thinking part of our brain) to perceive in new ways. When you have a conscious intent for something in your life such as a new job, new car, or higher income, then consciously choose to perceive anything that supports that intent.

In quantum physics, this is called observer-based reality. What quantum physicists noticed is that when they observe a quantum particle, it became exactly what the observer expects it to become. I simply call it “Making Myself Right.” That means I adopt the attitude that, of course!, the Universe is responding to my intention. Why would it not?! Then I look for the signs that my intention is manifesting.

Although some people call this magical thinking, this simple but profound mental attitude energetically realigns, or reprograms your sensory integration center to a reality that includes your intention.

It also helps me avoid being attached to a certain form for my intention. When I’m looking for signs I’m never quite sure how or in what form the signs will shop up. Maybe somebody around me speaks about my intention, without any prompting on my part. Or maybe I find a smaller version of what my intention is about. Whatever the form I allow myself to be hyperalert for those signs (like a kid waiting for signs that Christmas is coming).

Here are the steps I go through for Making Myself Right.

  1. I start with the chosen belief that the universe is responding to my intentions at all times.
  2. I clarify my intention. What exactly do I want?
  3. I check in with my heart and calibrate it (clear it) of any lower vibrational emotions.
  4. I link my mind and heart with the intention.
  5. I release it to the universe.
  6. I spend the next few days, week, months (depending on the size of the intention) looking for the signs that “make me right” (referring to step 1).
  7. After each sign, I acknowledge the response of the universe with gratitude and appreciation.

If done in the spirit of play and fun, making yourself right reprograms your sensory integration/interpretation center for expanded possibilities.

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  • Gia, you have an interesting point here.

    The sensory interpretation as confirmative expectation is a unique angle on this phenomenon. I agree that having some form of feed back, some confirmation helps a great deal in supporting the manifested intent.

    The 7 steps you propose are quite pragmatic. I like them, especially because you keep the focus on signs, on confirmation. Although this brings up other questions like ‘What if there is no confirmation?’ or ‘How long you have to wait for a confirmation?’, this can be a very good start for anyone looking for how to apply the law of attraction. Even if all these might sound pseudo-scientific, if it works and brings in some happiness then I say: go for it!

  • Hi Attila,
    Thanks for reading the post and writing a comment. I got a chuckle out of the pseudo-scientific remark. All of my energy work/knowledge is experiential based and from my ability to read energy. This is a very difficult ability to “prove” scientifically. If I came across the least bit scientific, I’m thrilled.


  • In response to Attila’s post and his question, “What if there is no confirmation?”

    The following idea came to mind as a means of diminishing the power of such a suggestive question. How about if one assumes, instead, that the confirmation was missed. “Ooops, I missed the confirmation that time. I’ll pay more attention the next time.” We can them try again.

    One can never be sure that a confirmation has not come; only that it was not consciously perceived.

  • Gia: Great site, I have been using the Law of Attraction for 6 months consciously. I have been able to manifest things I am not emotionally tied to like wanting to go out to dinner,movies, etc. But I have also tired to use it to manifest supporting my son and myself and all I have gotten is all my worst nightmares coming true, close to being evicted, no money, son not allowed to go back to school because I have not paid in months, cell and home phone disconnected and utility shut off notices. I know that my intention was to support myself but deep down I was scared to death it would not happen, and it didn’t. So how to I turn this all around, how do I get rid of my deep seated fear and mistrust? I know the Law works but can’t seem to manage my frequencies for the stuff I consider important. Please, Please Help, I am ready to do something desperate.

  • Perhaps the answer to the above lack of manifesting success lies in the writer’s comment, “deep down I was scared to death it would not happen.” Some other possible reasons can be read in this interesting article on abundance at:

  • Who’s to say that this law of attraction stuff is real anyway?

    What about people who get murdered or die in a famine? Have they attracted it as well?

    What do you think?


  • Brian,
    There is much suffering in the world and I agree with you that to gloss it all over with a “Law of Attraction” explanation does not offer compassion to those who are experiencing horrendous things.

    Is it real? The short answer is yes and no. We tend to create our reality here on Earth by our beliefs. Becoming conscious of those beliefs can give us more options in our lives.

    Is it as easy as The Secret is portraying? No.

    I, for example, choose to believe that the universe is a place of goodness. This inspires me and gives me hope. Do I absolutely positively know that the universe is a good place? No, I don’t. But by choosing to believe it,it creates a healthier environment within me, so it is worth continuing to believe that. I’m very conscious about my choice, however.


  • Many people who first learn about the Law of Attraction get excited because they believe they can finally have what they want. After all, we get what we focus on… we get what we think about… our reality is a reflection of the energy we’re holding…Butwhat does this really mean to all of us.like the site steve.

  • Dear Gia,
    thank you for sharing this info..more light and love to you .
    how can i try this law to cure my autistic son and to curb his violent behavior and help him become more verbal and help him live like a normal child.. . any ideas will be greatly appreciated.
    with my deepest gratitude,
    mother of a wonderful autistic child called saggir

  • Gia,
    i am a mother of an autistic child.how can i use this law to help my autistic son,
    more light and love to you, with deepest gratitude,

  • I get so easily distracted by the internet and great blogs like this. Experience the moment.