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Guide to 2012

2012 Predictions: Want to Know How the New Energies of 2012 Will Impact You?

This 5 minute video tells you what you can expect in 2012, and how you can live your best possible reality in this new year.

Our planet is reaching a pinnacle point of transformation in 2012…

Here’s what’s NOT going to happen: The poles are not going to shift. Civilization is not going to get wiped out. Global financial crashing isn’t going to happen.

We’ll still be here in 2013.


But there are two realities in 2012 and beyond:

The old energy paradigms of gloom, doom, loss, lack, despair, and hopelessness which are dying out and have no spiritual power anymore.

Or the new energy paradigms of prosperity, clarity, creative success, spiritual power, love and vital well-being. *

Which will you choose?


Hi, my name is gia combs-ramirez, and I have been studying the current planetary transformation that we are going through for the past 8 years. I am an energy reader and a master of energy and consciousness. I know something only a few people on the planet know. This transformation we’re going through is not like any other. I know how to chart a graceful course through 2012, which isn’t going to be the end of the world, but is challenging nevertheless. Discover the best and right path during 2012 and what comes next on that path!


The 2012 Guide to the New Energies is a 56 page eBook which will give you an overview of the year and a season by season explanation of what’s transforming and how to stay financially abundant, flourish in your relationships, and achieve vital well-being.

Here’s what you’ll get in your 2012 Guide:

  • A season by season synopsis of the 2012 Elements of Transformation (including the World Tree, the Pleiades and Pluto)
  • How to quickly and easily move into the New Energy Paradigms (yes! they are here now!)
  • Information about the energetic transformation the planet is undergoing and how it will show up in your life
  • How to create financial abundance in these potent energies
  • How to stay healthy physically and in your relationships

And one more incredible bonus. Receive a free digital copy of my book: Transformation: The Emergence of Crystalline Consciousness which will be sometime in 2012 (I’m working on it as fast as I can!)



Happy Campers from the 2011 Energy Guide (and who have signed up for the 2012 Energy Guide as well):

“I’ve been receiving gia’s Yearly Energy Readings and Guides since 2008 and have found them incredibly helpful and insightful. Instead of playing catch up with the transformative energies or getting beat up by them, I’ve been dancing with them instead..and that’s made all the difference!”L.Sundell, artist, Montana


It just plain rocks!!! Last year was the first year I signed up for gia’s 2011 Energy reading and Alignment and am I so glad!   I didn;t hesitate for even a moment  when it was time for this year’s. It became the guiding light for my year this past year and a  monthly touch-stone.  Whenever I felt adrift, I would pull out the info for the season and look it over, listen to the mediations and immediately feel better and more aligned to my deeper desires for my life. Despite lots of bumps and hurtles, I moved through it al with a deep sense of support and direction. I know it made an enormous difference in the ease, flow and growth I experienced in my business last year. Thanks,gia! It’s priceless.Melani Marx, coach and energy master, Oregon


gia combines a number of perspectives to give very helpful indications about how best to take care of oneself and one’s energies.” –Allen Adler, businessman, Switzerland


With all the uproar in the World (and certainly in my world) anything that provides a compass or helps to understand the meaning behind the chaos is MORE than useful. I found the 2011 Energy Guide very useful for getting ready for changes that had not yet materialized,  and for recovering my equilibrium from some of the changes that had happened or were in process. I also found it very useful to reread earlier sections over again to help disburse negative memories of things that had happened. Any tool that helps me prepare at least mentally for the “next shoe”, even if I don’t know exactly what the “next shoe” is going to be, is very useful. gia’s Energy Guide is one of the best tools I have found thus far.” -P. Rodriguez, businessman, Washington D.C.


Imagine- you could navigate the energies of 2012 more easily, and with greater joy and success.

What would it be worth to you to easily create your financial success, be in happier relationships and have vital health and well-being? Or to put it another way…what is it worth to step into your greatest potential and be living and creating from that place for an entire year?

For myself, personally…I’d pay a lot for that!

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Want to upgrade and get 2 recorded energy meditations and 3 live energy meditations including on Dec 21, 2012?

Each solstice and equinox leading up to Dec 21, 2012 join the 2012 Guide community for discussing the season’s highlights and  receiving an energy meditation to calibrate and prepare you energetically for the important parts of the upcoming season. If you take care of the energy, the right form will follow…

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