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How Can I Be of Service?

Note: This post is a continuation from the post, The State of the World. In it I ask some questions. Now I invite my guides, higher self and innate wisdom to provide some answers.

After writing the last post, I took to pondering my questions. I pondered, and pondered and pondered some more. It finally occurred to me that the underlying issue that I’m asking about is how can I be of service at this unique time in the planet’s history.

I’m going to now turn it over to my guides and invite in their responses. To do so I’m going to set up a group energy field and open the channels of communication between us to a stronger degree. Hang on a minute while I do this (use your perception and notice if you feel a difference in vibration when I start writing again).

The guides speak:

“Currently there are many areas of upheaval on Earth. This upheaval is being caused by panic that the planet is about to end. There is a sense of wanting to leave a sinking ship. This energy of conflict is being absorbed by the magnetic grid lines of the planet and then felt by all of humanity. It is causing a great deal of stagnant energy much like the doldrums affecting a sailing ship. It is also affecting certain patterns in the Earth that are affecting the weather. Some places are too hot and dry which used to be temperate and have more moisture. Other places have too much moisture. Instead of these patterns moving and eventually balancing out, they are staying in one place.

Those in particular who are feeling this energy are the ones who have awakened to their energetic, multidimensional selves. The work to be done is to open to change and release resistance to letting go of old ways of being. Once this panic energy has shifted out of human consciousness, then humanity can flow more with the act of transformation that is currently occurring.

Your question of how to be of service during these times is indeed an answer to  many of your questions that you recently asked (i.e. the post, The State of the World). What is being asked for is to bring in a new level of service, one that you have only used a few times in other places. It is not a natural progression from where you have been teaching and healing. The blueprints of what to do are already contained within the energy of this new level of service.

(I, gia, ask to have this new level of service downloaded and then activated throughout all levels of my energy).

With this downloading you now have new codes of energetic information to be giving people through your writing, healing and teaching work.  These codes show one how to live peacefully and gently on a planet that is undergoing transformation. Each person’s way of perceiving must change to understand the new energies that are coming onto the planet at this time. We will periodically give you the lessons to offer that contain these codes.

For all people at this time, follow your passion. Do what you must to earn your basic living, but the rest of the time, only do what you are most passionate about. Do not worry about growing your business, career, or dreams at this time. Because the Earth is going through a growth process, those things will automatically grow as long as you hold stabilizing energy for them. It will seem as if you are standing still watching the vehicle next to you moving, when in fact you are moving as well. As always focus on the abundance in your life, not the lack.

Of greater importance is for all people to be vigilant with their health.  As the Earth moves into a higher vibrational realm herself, all those who are not vibrationally increasing will have health crisis that will help them to shift dramatically. Humans sometimes need to get very aware of life by the sudden proximity of death. Then they can examine what is true and right for them and let go of the rest.

By being in your passion you will be in right timing at all times. Having a consistent daily schedule will help with the fluctuating time frequencies that are occurring at this time. Honor your timing and don’t let others steal your time for creating and expressing your passion.

Finally, this is the time to do land healing. Use your energy healing skills for the grid lines of the planet and you can bring balance of all elements in each place where you are asked. This in turn helps other places on the planet.

For now we complete this transfer of information. There is much more downloaded that you will decode in the coming days. Be well.

Copyright © 2007 gia combs-ramirez. All rights reserved.

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