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How a Psychic Reads Chaos

2017 Energy ReadingEach year I read the energy of the coming year and interpret it for us to apply in positive ways in our lives. This is different than clairvoyance or being intuitive (although I rely on these skills as well). Reading energy is exactly what it sounds like…I look at the energy and interpret it so we can access the highest potential available to us in the year.

All well and good when energy is “normal.” Normal energy is organized into grids of sacred geometry. Our senses are built to read and interpret these “bundles” (I actually learned how to do this with the herd of horses I grew up with as a child).

But these times are anything but normal! We are currently in a time of 9 years of Chaos. Don’t let this freak you out. Chaos is a natural phase in the 3 phases of transformation. Normally we don’t notice transformation at an Earth level because it moves in cycles much bigger than our human life cycle. But Earth is moving through an accelerated transformation from what I call the Old Energy Paradigms (26,000 years prior to 2012) to the New Energy Paradigms. It’s also been called The Shift of Ages.

Reading energy for the upcoming year presents some unique challenges. As a psychic I love these challenges! I get to stretch my intuitive gifts and go to new levels of comprehension about these times. That’s my definition of how to rock and roll! Using our gifts brings us great joy and doing this energy reading for me taps into that field of joy.

There are three big challenges in doing a reading of this sort. One is normal to all psychic/intuitive readings while two are unique to these times. They are:

1. Right Interpretation: When you read into the future you are looking ahead at things that aren’t in form yet. If it’s a little way ahead usually there’s just a little change in form. Further ahead and I might start seeing things I have no idea what they are.

Several years ago I was shown what I called bubble wrap around the Earth. I couldn’t figure out what that was and my Guides weren’t “talking.” Only recently I finally figured out that I was being shown all the different social apps that people were using and organizing with. In short, a new type of human groups had been created. (Snapchat, Instragram, Facebook, Google Hangouts, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. etc). Although we take this for granted now, back in 2013 we reached a new level of organization through these social platforms that was registering out into the other dimensions.

When interpreting, I have to open my mind to new possibilities, new ways of perceiving things and get out past my comfort zone. I use muscle testing to make sure what I’m being shown is being interpreted correctly.

2. Reading Chaos. This is a tricky one…in fact, a very tricky one! All energy that becomes form is ordered and organized into sacred geometry grids. Chaos, which is a natural phase of transformation, is when that energy is not ordered and organized and looks completely random. Reading energy means everything is pure potential. My overall intent when I read is to find the highest potential possible in the upcoming year that we can apply to our lives. Chaos energy can represent anything that is possible! Before I explain how I’ve discovered how to read chaos, first let me explain what a triple chaos year is, which is what 2017 is.

We exist in many dimensions. As long as we’re alive, our primary dimension is the one of form or 3rd dimension. But other dimensions can affect us energetically. Meanwhile we also exist in many levels of consciousness. The three primary ones are Systems; Groups; and Individual. Most of us identify with the Individual level first, Groups second and Systems very subconsciously. Some of us identify with Groups first, then Individual, and then no conscious awareness of Systems.

Our current time we’re in is one of transitioning or transforming from the Old Energy Paradigm of 26,000 years to the New Energy Paradigm. This is a global transition…meaning it is happening to Earth first. What affects Earth affects all of life including us. Earth operates through Systems, which are grids of energy arranged in sacred geometry patterns. From 2013-2021 these grid systems are in Chaos.

Next we have the Group Level, which are mostly human as well as humans and animals. Groups are in Chaos from 2016-2018. This is being played out by what’s releasing from old Group structures coming up in our faces before passing out and the new group energy anchoring in.

At the Individual Level, there are three years that are chaos years…2014, 2017, and 2020. Think back to your life in 2014 and you’ll get a small sense of what that might mean for next year.

Except for one small detail…2017 has all three levels in Chaos. Our systems, our groups, and we at an individual level. It’s also the peak of the 27 years of transformation. Intensity will culminate during this year, then begin to settle down a bit following this time.

So that brings me back to the challenge of how to read Chaos energy. If it can be anything..how does one interpret that in a practical way without limiting potential? Remember what’s going on energetically is what will shape and inform our lives but we choose to how use that energy.

Anytime I learn a new level of energy reading I learn it energetically (or subconsciously) first. Then when I am ready to bring it in consciously, I create a program to share it with others. In this case, I do my annual energy reading report. Right now, I don’t know how I will read a triple chaos year, I only know I CAN read chaos. Time to start my energy reading for 2017. I’m looking forward to sharing that new skill with you!

Which brings me to my third challenge…

3. How to Read the New Energy Paradigms: A paradigm is a system that exists through dimensions. We began shifting into the New Energy Paradigm in 2004. It’s a 27 year process. To understand where we are headed means we have to understand where we were coming from. What were our problems in the Old Energy Paradigms (OEP) that are now being addressed in the New Energy Paradigms (NEP)? Just like to truly understand your own culture you have to travel or visit another culture, we can only understand the OEP now that we’re in the NEP. But that doesn’t actually help us understand the NEP.

Since 2004, I have been studying these NEP. That is the year a new energy healing modality dropped in. It didn’t build on what we were already doing but instead brought in a completely new way that has only recently developed on the planet (since the 1980’s). I learned the new energy system that I call the Crystalline Energy System in the framework of the Old Energy Paradigm (still following me here?). Now that the training wheels are off, so to speak, the Crystalline Energy System is going to show up in all (or a lot more) of its glory as it was meant to in the NEP.

This is a point of stretching for me when I’m reading energy. Again, this is something I love to do, but it can be stressful if my old feelings of getting it right (or perfect) come up. The process I go through is to challenge myself to not hold back and write it all down no matter how looney tunes it seems to me. Then as the year unfolds, I check back to see how accurate I was in the interpretation. Sometimes (a lot of times) I have new insights into what I wrote about which surprises and delights me.

Writing this process with its accompanying challenges has been a good affirmation as I get ready to do the energy reading for 2017. Right now I stand on the precipice of the unknown. I’m filled with questions. What new opportunities will be available to us in 2017? How can we navigate in world gone totally chaotic? What are the true underlying patterns that will guide us out of Chaos and into the third phase of transformation, the one called Mastery?

And the final question…Am I ready to take on this energy reading?

The words “I am” bubble up from the depth of my core into my heart.

Here we go!

Note: The 2017 Energy Reading will be available as a free report in November. The year of 2017 is so critical for us at an Individual level, that I am only offering individual readings about this year from October thru February of 2017. Discover how you can use the energies to your greatest advantage in concrete, practical way, while laying down the energy patterns that you’ll need to create ease and grace in all your forms of expressions. For more information and to find out how to sign up go to: https://scienceofenergyhealing.com/2017-the-peak-of-the-shift/

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