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Higher Sense Perception Mastery Course 7

Note: This is part of a 21-day course in healing and increasing Higher Sense Perception. For an overall description of the course please read this. Before taking the course, please read the Introduction to the HSP Course found in Free Downloads. Then start with Lesson 1.  Each lesson has an audio meditation that activates the material. To receive the recorded meditations, please donate $72 via the Donation button. For a complete course with Bach Flower Remedies, crystals, divination cards and more, please check here.

Week One: Healing
Day Seven: Touch

Geometrical Configuration of Empowerment Healing Chamber with Balance, Support and Trust

Bach Flower Essences: Agrimony, Holly, Larch

The skin, the organ of touch, is the largest organ in the body. Because of the way we develop in utero, the skin is considered the outer extension of the central nervous system. Conversely, the central nervous system is the inner reflection of the skin. When babies are born, their central nervous systems are not completely developed. During the first nine months a baby must receive significant touch to complete the development. Or they die. For this reason, touch is considered a nutrient just as much as water, light and food. If you live in a society that doesn’t support touch, find healthy ways to get touched including massage, owning a cuddly pet, and regularly hugging your friends and family. Touch is beyond duality…you can’t touch without being touched.

The Guides speak:
We consider touch the most important of all of the senses. It has the ability to communicate with the world through vibration. Although sound is vibration as well, the ears are structured to receive only certain frequencies of sound. This is true for light and the eyes as well. The skin can not only perceive light and sound but other vibrational frequencies as well. The hair on your skin acts as receivers of energy. Often the follicle gets clogged with low vibrational frequencies. This creates hyper or hypo sensitivity through touch and the tactile sense. We view the other senses as unique appendages of touch.

Listen to the Balancing the Sense Meditation, and today’s meditation, then state:

“As my senses balance I become newly empowered. I now sense the support and trust that life has for me.”

gia’s notes: Regularly brush and scrub your skin. A salt rub is great for cleansing the touch and tactile senses. (Mix sea salt with almond, oil, sesame or jojoba oil. Get wet. Scrub all over, being careful on the face. Rinse.)

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