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Higher Sense Perception Mastery Course 13

Note: This is part of a 21-day course in healing and increasing Higher Sense Perception. For an overall description of the course please read this. Before taking the course, please read the Introduction to the HSP Course found in Free Downloads. Then start with Lesson 1.  Each lesson has an audio meditation that activates the material. To receive the recorded meditations, please donate $72 via the Donation button. For a complete course with Bach Flower Remedies, crystals, divination cards and more, please check here.

Week Two: Reconfiguration
Day Thirteen: Elbows, Knees, Hands and Feet

Geometrical Configuration: Crystalline Emotion Healing Chamber with Harmony, Openness, Belonging

Bach Flower Essences: Aspen, Heather, Mimulus

I’ll turn it over to the guides, as I’m, once again, off the known road map.

The Guides speak:
The elbows and hands (including the wrists) are avenues of expressing healing, creativity and soul purpose in action. The knees and feet (including the ankles) are avenues for moving forward, aligning to your authentic path, and taking a stance of commitment. These joints receive specific transmissions of energy and information through higher sense perception. To access these transmissions, they must be activated.

Listen to the Balancing the Sense Meditation, and today’s meditation, then state:

“In joy, peace and contentment, I open in harmony with those from my place of belonging.”

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