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Helped! I’m Trapped and I Can’t Get Out | Ancestral Entanglement

Trapped Soul

Trapped Soul

As a Soul you came to planet Earth to experience and learn many things. As an Old Soul (meaning you’ve been reincarnating here for a while) you also came to share your unique gifts and purpose to evolve life. You particularly came at this time to help with the Great Shift from the Old Energies to the New, without civilization resetting back to ground zero as it has 5 times before. Believe it or not you’ve been awesome with this task.

Let’s give yourself a standing ovation!

At some point in this lifetime or the next or the one after that we’ll return to wherever we came from before Earth, such as Arcturus, the Pleiades, Sirius or Andromeda. (The exception to this are the indigenous people who can truly call Earth home.)

But! (There’s always a but, right?) One pseudo task is tangling us up at this time. It has to do with our ancestors. From a soul’s perspective ancestors are our biological family…not our spiritual family. They don’t often “fit” who we are at our essence. That’s because we made an agreement to learn with this particular group of people and in return, if possible, help them transform and evolve. Sometimes the only evolution/transformation that occurs is just with yourself. Like a seed that lies dormant until the right time to sprout, that can be enough.

But there’s also a biological element to this. Human groups expect their descendants to continue the same themes they are working on. Like the soap opera, General Hospital, the story themes go on forever. We carry these unfinished themes or tasks in our bones, particularly the sacrum. And they will continue to pop up in our lives to be worked on even when we individually don’t resonate to them because our soul has already mastered that lesson or theme.

There are two problems for the Old Soul with this phenomena. The first is feeling you can’t express your highest potential here on Earth. The second is feeling trapped or entangled with your Earth family, trying to finish “their” business that isn’t really YOUR business.

Oddly enough, I first became aware of holding the unfinished family/ancestral tasks while working with a pregnant client. I was doing a Tree of Life Healing Session which focuses on the sacrum, releasing and clearing points that relate to the chakras. In her case, the overall intention was to prepare for the birth of her child on whatever level was needed. I was surprised when the ancestors came up clamoring to be helped with their unfinished tasks. It was like someone saying, “Hey, I forgot to finish 2nd grade and I can’t get back there to do that. Can you do that for me?” But my client had finished college already…so what’s she going to do going back to school in the 2nd grade!!??

Generally, we either reincarnate and finish our own tasks or the family group overall finishes them. At least they did in the Old Energies. In the New Energies the emphasis is on the individual. So putting your own individual transformation and growth on hold to run off and take care of the group is not only irritating, it’s just not appropriate any more. It’s the equivalent of throwing yourself under the bus to help those on the bus. Nice for them, not so nice for you.

And those ancestors know this. So they are clamoring LOUDLY (as in throwing it in your face) to help them with their unfinished tasks. If you’re not taking it on, they’ll flow right around you to your kids and start to channel through them.

As Earth finds a new balance of sustainability, we won’t be reincarnating as much as before. And it’s going to be challenging to hook up with the same Earth family groups because they are being dissolved. (That’s a discussion for another post and in particular my 2018 Energy Reading). So these greedy, needy ancestors that want help finishing up THEIR incomplete tasks, are demanding that you do that for them.

That leads to YOU feeling trapped on planet Earth, not able to express your free will and choice (i.e. your highest potential). Those of you who are wrapping up your Earth experience and getting ready to move to the next one or to return home will particularly feel suffocated, trapped, hopeless and entangled in the middle of a never ending story. Or my personal nightmare…stuck in the movie Groundhog’s Day.

So why not just step out of the ancestral energy, wave goodby and exit through the door without it hitting you on the butt? Because there’s a part of us that is deeply grateful to our ancestors. Good or bad, they provided the channel to life on planet Earth. They gave us so many lessons and experiences that we’ve learned from. We want to balance the scales by giving back. So we keep trying to finish up their tasks for them through our life experiences. Unfortunately as an Old Soul, we can only work on our own soul tasks that help us unlock our purpose. So if the ancestor’s unfinished tasks don’t align to your own…you won’t be able to shift them except through energy work.

As we near the end of 2017, the energy of global transformation shifts into a new phase…we’ve done a lot of work of letting go (although in groups and systems that will continue for a while) and now it’s time to “try out” these new energies in our individual lives. Like a feather duster shaking out the dust, shaking loose from ancestral demands is a good place to start.

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