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Are you a healer, visionary, teacher or spiritual warrior for the planet?

In November of 2011 I was invited to “study” with a group of Light Beings to bring in new information that will affect how we heal, vision, teach and be spirit warriors (protecting and healing Mother Earth). And I want to invite YOU to join me.

Healing, visioning (intuitive and psychic arts), teaching healing arts and being a spiritual warrior for the planet are all ancient healing arts for Old Souls and Lightworkers. With the planet stepping into a new era, the healing arts are also stepping into a new level. Part of what we have to learn is actually recovering ancient healing and cosmic wisdom, yet it needs to be relevant with the next era on the planet. It’s the old and the new…

With this context, I am offering all my classes, both recorded and live plus new information about healing, visioning, teaching and planetary work in a year long program that I am calling…

Cosmic Crystalline School of Healing Arts

You can read all about what’s being offered in the school at https://scienceofenergyhealing.com/become-cosmic-crystalline-being/

Join me on January 16th to experience the energy of being a cosmic crystalline being and ask me any questions you might have about the program.

Here are the top 3 4 compelling reasons for joining me (couldn’t limit it to just 3!):

  1. Learning the 4 Healing Arts for yourself personally or as a vocation is a spiritual homecoming for your very essence that nourishes you like a sparkling glass of water after a long drought. Learning the Cosmic Crystalline Healing Arts will rejuvenate you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually after the intense time of transformation that you’ve just come through in the past 25 years.
  2. Entering a time of deep personal and spiritual growth is exactly in right timing with what the planet is doing as well. Being in right timing with the cosmos is the key to success. (Read this post for more about it: https://scienceofenergyhealing.com/how-do-commemorate-end-of-year-era/)
  3. Experience a whole new level of brain potential. I’ve been experiencing just a little of this new level for the past month and it is fantastic!
  4. While others are stalled out, you’ll be soaring to new heights.


The top 3 questions I’ve been getting about the program:

  1. I’ve taken most of your classes and wonder if there’s any thing new for me?….. Yes! The new information alone is worth the program. And in the context of the new information all of what you’ve already learned will take on a new meaning. But there’s also the energetic changes that you will be experiencing, particularly for the brain that are also worth the program.
  2. I haven’t taken any of your classes and wonder if I’m too much of a beginner?…. As the planet moves into it’s final year of transformation, what has taken life times to learn before can be learned in a few months or less. The New Energies that the planet is moving into also levels the playing field. Everyone gets to learn new ways of being, living and earning on the planet.
  3. I’m nervous about the financial commitment. What can help me take that commitment?…. My favorite question! The program has several different levels you can join. If you enter the single niche, the price is the same or less as studying a professional massage therapy or healing arts program such as acupuncture. The niche for three is the same as two lattes a day. (And yes, Goldilocks, there is a niche for 2 as well). In addition, the program will be supporting you energetically and mentally for creating financial abundance in the New Energies. Because of free will and choice, I don’t offer guarantees (hard to believe it but some people don’t want to be financially abundant!), but if you are open, you will not only recover the expense of the program throughout the year, you’ll discover that it was the best investment you ever made.

The amazing program starts the end of January. You can join throughout February, but it does have a limited number of spaces. Reserve your spot now.

Once again…please join me on Monday, January 16th to feel and experience this amazing energy we’ll be working in for the year.

(Monday, January 16, 11 am PT/ 2 pm ET, 712-432-3066 / Access code is 352532) It will be recorded if you can’t be there at that time.

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  • Consciousness plays a big role in my spirituality. How do you define spirituality? Who are the teachers, thinkers, and other influences who has shaped your definition? Share your definition with others – you never know what if your words are just what they need to know.

  • Bridgett, great question…how do I define spirituality? For me spirituality is that energy that links us to the Divine Creator. Not only are we created from the Divine, we are also unique spiritual expressions of the Divine. My teachers, mentors and gurus are a vast array of healers such as William Rand, Peggy Phoenix Dubro, Diane Stein, MIchelle Small-Wright, and John Upledger, to name a few. I also have a masters in metaphysics from American Institute of Holistic Theology and studied new thought spiritual leaders such as Wayne Dyer and Marianne Williamson as well as timeless masters such as the Dalai Lama.