Heal Your Family Patterns

Are you ready to be free of negative family patterns?

Do you feel you’ve transformed, but your relationships haven’t?

Would you like to release the negativity, conflict and trauma in your family DNA?

Family tree

Patterns in relationships and groups arise from deep seated ancestral and karmic lineages. Using a combination of energy techniques and charts, these patterns can be released and a new dynamic brought that can provide a breath of fresh air for families, organizations and relationships.

Through a series of group healings, activations, energy meditations and charts, you can experience a greatly enhanced relationship dynamic from one to one relationships to larger groups . The new dynamic is about groups that support each individual versus requiring an individual to sacrifice themselves for the benefit of the group.

Some of the benefits from the sessions are:

  • Shifting from Old to New Group Dynamics
  • Releasing outdated perceptions, projections and roles
  • Releasing negative energy entities from groups
  • Releasing and updating group contracts and vows
  • Shifting into the 7 Divine Core Powers
  • Activation of the new Group Template
  • Receiving the WE ARE meditation to connect directly to the Divine

The series includes 1 live call, one recorded activation and five recorded energy meditations with printable charts. Let the distortions and traumas go as you heal your relationships. The benefits include your own greatly enhanced well-being as well as releasing negative, distorted family patterns from your ancestral lineage, your children, your partner and work relationships. A new found sense of freedom is like a breath of fresh air through all of the levels of your being.

Sessions are done over 6 weeks.

Total package is worth $1000. Sign up in 2017 for $499.

Click here for one payment.

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Upon registering with payment I will contact you to set up the first phone session. We’ll identify your group and then do the activation.


Client Testimonials

I no longer felt like I was being held hostage by my family. It was an incredible feeling of freedom, joy and love. -A. Reedy, California


From knotted and gnarly, to trust and openness, my relationships shifted in such dramatic and positive ways. These sessions were miraculous! -B. Arrins, Arizona