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Help! I’ve Fallen (off the Golden Spiral) and Can’t Get Up

fern spiralRemember the book The Celestine Prophecy? Written by James Redfield and self-published in 1993, I first heard about the book on a tiny plane flying out to Bermuda. I was headed to a week long retreat led by Angeles Arrien and Brooke Medicine Eagle. It was an incredible life-changing trip and I really wanted one of those books to add to it! The woman who showed me her copy of the The Celestine Prophecy told me I wouldn’t be able to get one because the book was self-published and there weren’t any to be found. I eventually got a book when it was republished by Warner Books in 1994. It was the book in the 1990s that everyone was reading and it was a magnificent affirmation of the spiritual journey I was on during that decade.

Flash forward to now. Looking for a gentle movie before sleeping, I discovered The Celestine Prophecy. Watching it was like revisiting a past life. Remember when we were all waiting for the Great Shift in consciousness to happen? Remember when we were all excited about spiritual growth with signs of synchronicity and a sense of magic? Remember when we were all part of that sense of the bigger picture unfolding and eagerly anticipated the day of arrival? It was supposed to happen in 2012, (somehow instantly like a flash mob). As one of my friends recently said, she was expecting it to be like a fairy tale (the good kind).

So here we are now…in this intensely chaotic time and perhaps wondering if we got it all wrong, or at the very least what happened to the promise?

Rewatching TCP gave me a big picture view of the past 25 years. At first I longed for the simpler days when synchronicity was a big deal and so exciting. And then I had to laugh about the synchronicity of it all. I have recently been working on healing that period of time in my life. As an Old Soul, spiritually awakened and a healer, forgiving myself for something I did that I perceived caused harm to a dearly beloved is one of the hardest tasks out there, or should I say “in here.”

So here I am working on the seemingly impossible healing task of forgiving myself when up pops a movie that occurred in that very time frame that I was revisiting. And not just a time frame like that year or month. That trip was the trip that caused harm to a loved one in my life. The message was clear to me…to get to forgiveness I had to put on my eagle vision and observe the patterns from a big, big point of view. Not just my personal story but the one of the past 25 years for the whole planet.

What I found was a reconnection to something that got disconnected for me last year (and disconnection was the source of my harming a loved one). I call it The Golden Spiral and its at the very heart of Transformation and spiritual growth. When I’m connected to the Golden Spiral, I feel the uplifting of my heart and soul, just like an eagle rising on a spiral of air. I feel the wonder and magic of synchronicity again, reaffirming that I’m on the right path even when it’s hard to perceive in all the current chaos. And I feel the affirmation of the wholeness of life instead of the fragmentation and tearing down that’s so prevalent right now.

Now that I’m reconnected, I can see how I fell away from The Golden Spiral. The tricky part was that I hadn’t even noticed I had fallen. I didn’t get up, not because I couldn’t, but because I had forgotten it was possible.


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