Expressing Your Creative Purpose


During chaos, creativity becomes unleashed. In 2017, chaos is encountered on all three levels—systems, groups, and individuals. The response from us is to not get swept up and away by chaos or fall into drama trauma, but to create with every fiber of our being.

Now Creativity is a bitch, so to speak. She doesn’t care what she creates. A new plastic gizmo is just as fun to Creativity as a life saving procedure. In the year of radical chaos, then, we want to provide important riverbanks for Creativity so that we are using this incredible opportunity to go beyond our limits and create like never before. I call it Soul-directed creativity.

We do that through a simple energy protocol by linking your creativity to your soul purpose. Before we get to that step though, there are right ways and wrong ways to work with your creativity that needs healing, and there are right ways and wrong ways to work with your purpose, that needs clearing.

Please join us for our soul-directed creativity class that we are offering every month this year. Expressing Your Creative Purpose is a one or two day class that will connect your creativity to your purpose and unleash your ability to create.

Take the dreamy, yearning and longing in your heart and create it in your world…right now.

Those mental and emotional blocks that arise around both your creativity and your purpose will melt away and you’ll find yourself able to step into the enhanced zone of soul-directed creating. Benefits are:

 An easy to learn and use energy protocol to support your creative drive 

Be in the creative “zone” within minutes

Sharpen your creative focus

Heighten your creative intuition

Connect to your unique purpose

Charge your creative endeavors with power and “special sauce”

Experience deep and abiding joy creating everytime

Get more done then you can ever imagine

Besides receiving the manual and a Creative Divination Deck this webinar class consists of 3 live modules, running 90 minutes in length:

Module One: Your Creativity

  • Overview of the technique
  • Review of creative challenges
  • The Creative Facets (Grounding, Timing, Inspiration)
  • How to muscle test
  • Creativity Meditation to heal past creative traumas

Module Two: Your Purpose

  • Working with the Creative Divination Deck
  • Receiving and Connect to your Life Purpose Symbol
  • Learning about your 3 energy streams of Psychic, Heart, and Creativity
  • The Challenges of your Soul Purpose
  • Soul Purpose Meditation to discover your purpose

Module Three: The Protocol

  • Activation Meditation for the Protocol
  • How to set up the Protocol
  • Practice the Protocol
  • Observation and Follow up

This class is taught by different Crystalline Consciousness Technique™ teachers. Below are the dates, teachers (some have special themes) and a registration link. Fee for the class is $325. For options for multiple payments, please contact the teacher directly. To receive your manual and divination deck in a timely way registration must be 10 days before class.

April 29: Amy Hamilton (Contact: amyhamiltoncct(at)

May 21: Sue Butterfield (Contact: crradiance(at)

June: 24/25: Mridu Pasrija 

July 29: TBD

August: 26: TBD

September 23: TBD

October 28: TBD

November 18: TBD

December 10: TBD

What our soul-directed creators are saying and doing with the protocol:

I was in the middle of writing my thesis and got a bad writer’s block. Time was running out and if I didn’t get it finished I was going to have to start the whole process all over again. I learned this protocol and immediately got back on track with my writing.  I sailed through my review!  -J Reid, Australia

I’d been stuck at a certain earning ceiling for 4 years. I tried all kinds of programs and spent over $25,000 to break through my ceiling. Nothing worked until I took this protocol! Using this protocol I doubled my earnings without even focusing on that! -G. Daily, New York

I have no problem creating but at times I feel like I have too many ideas. I start one project, then rush on to another, then get a new idea and start that one, too. I used to wonder if there was something in particular I should be focusing on. With this protocol I am able to finish my creative project and know that it is aligned to my highest purpose. No more doubt about what to create! -S. Bing, Arizona


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Money-Back-GuaranteeYes, we offer a guarantee! If you try this protocol for 3 weeks and don’t find yourself creating more than you ever have before…just let us know and we’ll happily refund your money.