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Everything is Energy

Much like light that can be viewed as either a particle or a wave, the world we live in can be viewed as either form or energy. Most of us perceive life only as solid form. That’s a handy way for moving through the world. It makes it easier to pay the bills and other mundane tasks that we all take part in.

I, however, didn’t grow up viewing life as solid form. I felt it as vibrational energy. This made for a strange life that took me years to understand. For instance when people speak, if their words don’t resonate with their energy, I notice. And then I start wondering why. There can be many reasons, but after many years of working with people as an energy healer/soul intuitive, it seems to me the number one reason is that people for the most part aren’t consciously aware of what they truly know, think and feel. They live inside worlds conceived by their minds. This model works fine until we get to a certain level of evolutionary development and then watch out! Our house of cards will come tumbling down.

All the above is spoken from years of working with my unique spiritual gifts (we all have them, they’re just unique to each one of us). Viewing the world as form, our eyes can be deceived. Energy, however, doesn’t lie. As a kid I thought everyone perceived the way that I did. I didn’t understand when someone told me one thing, while they were clearly communicating something else. It seemed like everybody was playing some game and I wanted to play as well but I didn’t know the rules.

A particularly painful-at-the-time, but a-funny-in-hindsight story that illustrates this challenge occurred when I was in the fifth grade. Every day we rode the bus to school and back again. It took forever. I once figured out how many total days of my life was spent on that yellow school bus over a period of 10 years. (I can’t remember what the figure is now, but if anyone wants to figure it out, the formula is something like this: 2 hours x 5 days x 9 months – 15 days (the sum of all our vacation time) x 10 years.) As you might realize, a lot of socializing went on in the bus. An older teenage boy that I knew started carrying around a folder of pictures of cute girls that he cut out from magazines.

Here the story gets a bit strange. For some reason, I asked him if he’d like me to look for cute pictures of girls to add to his folder. This was the 60s and a fifth grader was still very innocent about life particularly in a rural town in Montana. Sex education didn’t exist in the school system yet. And I was more innocent than most for I lived in a world where nothing made sense to me and I was constantly trying to prove I belonged.

That I would offer to get girl photos seems a little surreal to me today, but what’s stranger is that the boy accepted my offer. So off I went to my dad’s great library of Playboy magazines and cut out lots of pictures of cute girls. Cute, naked girls. Why? Well, partly that’s the only way they come in Playboy, but primarily because that was what his energy field was communicating to me that he wanted.

The next day on the bus, I was proud as could be as I handed this boy an envelope full of Playboy pictures. He, all unsuspecting of the bombshell about to go off, didn’t open the envelope right away. I’m not sure where or when he did. I just remember getting the envelope back with a very rude remark the next time we were on the bus. Ouch. Didn’t quite understand what I had done that was wrong, but felt shame nevertheless. And of course confusion.

Now the memory brings healing compassion for the young, innocent girl that I was. And a chuckle as I wonder where that boy was when he opened the envelope?

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  • Gia, this story is a day brightener for sure! And it says a lot about the complexities of seeing the world energetically rather than the more usual surface level way.

    I’m looking forward to more!

  • I know EXACTLY what you mean dude! I never could pay much attention to the physical world because my mind was always so wrapped up in what I felt… I love that I am hearing of and meeting more and more people who are becoming aware that life is more than just the physical wrapper it comes in!
    As much as you can fell this energy, you can use it to create good energy fields as well! just by your physical and mental intent, it is what we are made for as humans! We are energy focusers, and we focus in many ways, physically, mentally, spiritually! I love you man! Spread the good energy!

  • Well, aren’t you a wonderful ray of sunshine this cloudy, winter day! Thanks for comment.