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Eclipse Countdown | Can you say intense?

Eclipse Energy DownloadNo more excuses.

No more hiding.

This world is heading into a singular transformative event on August 21. It will intensely impact Earth and therefore humans and all lifeforms. It will also impact humans directly because we are like spiritual lightning rods. Transformation from above and below can blow your energy circuits, your mental constructs, and send your emotional body reeling.

Your Soul says…can you hear me now??!!

Gaia, Earth consciousness, says…get aligned to my plan or get off!

This coming month you will be preparing for this event by energetically wrapping up old karmic stories that have been holding you back. Bringing right closure to those stories allows you to fully open to the potential available on August 21.

Then on August 21, you’ll have the….well, let’s call it opportunity to receive a massive download from your starry home.

Normally, during the day we are consciously connected to the sun as the primary energy source and it blocks out our starry home connection. And at night we astral travel or surf in other dimensions and rarely have access to that wisdom and power during the day.

But on August 21, the moon will cover the sun and allow you to connect directly to your starry home. Your guides are getting ready for this moment (this is true even if you aren’t in the complete/total eclipse path). At that moment you will receive a download that will totally update your spiritual path and purpose on the planet.

This will be an incredible amount of energy to assimilate. You’ll need to have your Crystalline Energy System activated. (If you haven’t listen to my free activation yet do so now! Here is the link: https://app.box.com/s/rj5urayulrxepzgxzlap)

In honor of this event and to help assimilate this energy, I will be sending out 3 free energy meditations for my email subscribers. The first one will be July 22 and will focus on getting you energetically ready for the download.

The second one is for the day of the event and you will be encouraged to listen to it around 10:30 a.m. (Pacific Time) although you can listen to it at anytime that day. It will help with assimilation of the energy.

The third one will be a month later and will help you translate that download of info into new action.

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My energy meditations are coded with the intent that if you haven’t signed up on the email list they won’t work. This protects you and me from those who would want to corrupt our spiritual purpose and power.

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Now…do we buckle or unbuckle our seat belts?!

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